Freight congestion in O’Hare International Airport in Chicago has led freight forwarders to move their business to Rockford Airport. Forwarders like Senator International and DB Schenker have been looking at alternatives for their freight which is steering them towards Rockford. Rockford airport may be seen as a life vest for the supply chains of many.

Why is O’Hare airport becoming so congested?

The main reason why the airport has become over clogged is because of the overwhelming amount of freight volume. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic created a surge in e-commerce and that surge was felt on airports worldwide. There was also a rise in ocean imports as well, which clogged seaports and led to companies switching to airfreight to move their cargo. This increased the amount of cargo at the airport. In O’Hare’s case, the freight volume rose to over 14%. It grew in such a rate that an already busy airport could not keep up. The amount of freight that is backed up at the airport is so extensive that forwarders started renting nearby warehouses to accommodate it.

Another cause of the congestion related to the coronavirus pandemic is the replacement of airplanes that are used fully for air freight with passenger airplanes. This is because passenger airplanes have less space for freight and combined with everything else may create a bottleneck effect. The shortage of workers that the airport has been facing in the past months has also contributed to the congestion. When there in not enough workers to handle the loading and unloading of the incoming cargo, it can create a backlog over time.

Rockford Airport

Located roughly an hour away from O’Hare airport is the less crowded Rockford Airport. The congestion of O’Hare has made this airport an ideal choice for freight forwarders to store their freight. Forwarders such as Senator International have already signed leases to have a large amount of space in Rockford’s new warehouse that they recently started building. This airport is currently being called one of the quickest growing airports in the world in terms of freight tons.

One of the main benefits that forwarders had in switching to Rockford Airport is the customized service. Since Rockford is not as large and crowded as O’Haire, planes carrying air cargo are able to have valued importance. When the freight plane arrives at Rockford it may only take a few minutes for it to find parking. Compare this to O’Hare where there may not even be parking space because of the traffic. Also, truckers may wait for hours to pick up a freight load at O’Hare. Since Rockford has less traffic the time it takes the freight can be loaded onto the trucks from the aircraft can be streamlined massively.

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