Over 18,000 people became hired during the month of May due to the accelerating demand in logistics. With logistics companies requiring more innovation than ever, it has become a premier industry to work in. As far as warehousing and transportation are concerned, around 70,000 jobs have become filled since the beginning of 2018.

This is the highest employment rate the logistics industry has seen since 2015. Overall, the employment rate in the U.S. has significantly lowered indicating that economic growth in on a stable rise and distributing more goods. Logistics is complacent in its position right now but there’s nothing wrong with going a little bit out of your comfort zone.

Why Requests Are Sky-Rocketing

With companies like Amazon, Wayfair, and many more e-commerce brands offering speedy delivery of all their goods, logistics and shipping companies need to match the demand. Many consumers are clinging onto the online shopping and shipping of goods options as its more convenient to them.

New technology is invading businesses across the world. With new apps on the market, they match trucking businesses with shippers who have freight that needs to become transported. Essentially, shippers will choose whichever route that will provide them with a truck for their goods and carriers will welcome higher paying freight with open arms. This is the perfect time for logistics companies like A1 Worldwide Logistics to cut in and give those companies outstanding services.

On the Rise

The cost of freighting has occurred at a steady growth as e-commerce brands compete against other companies for storage space. Jobs in this industry are on the rise because of the growing need for these services. Of course, a direct requirement for the job will be a Bachelor’s degree at minimum but there’s room for advancement in logistical work.

In some cases, recent graduates are freelancing in this line of work and getting a taste of the technology. Logistical work is fast-paced and not for the faint of heart because it can be present in every industry in the world. The logistics industry has hidden in the dark for far too long. It is time to step out of the shadows and into the sun.

The effort you put into being a logistician will be what you get out of it. It is talked to be the next big job on the market because of its median to moderate pay, prospective jobs, and a stress-free environment. At A1 Worldwide Logistics, we aim to continue to expand far and wide and provide exceptional freight transportation.

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