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Cargo Ship Smashes into Mansion on the Bosporus Strait

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Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul at sunset

Cargo ship in the Channel Bosphorus Strait It was a Saturday like any other, standard water traffic in Istanbul’s Bosporus strait when tragedy struck in the form of a looming cargo ship. A large cargo ship seemed to lose control, and barrel into one of the waterside locations populating the coast of the strait. But there is more to this story than just a ship hitting a house, and there are questions to be asked about the situation as a whole.

Why did it happen?

On Saturday, April 7th, the date of the accident, it had been reported that the cargo ship suffered an accident that resulted in the rudder being disabled and led to its uncontrollable collision course with a building. This is an unusual occurrence, seeing as Malta’s have a long tradition as a maritime service provider, and therefore only makes sense that they would keep their ships and crews up to date. As more information on the incident reported, essential information on the event will become revealed. Hopefully, this is not the cusp of a tide of rudder issues with this company’s freight ships.

What did it strike?

ship waiting for help

There seems to be a great deal of focus on the location the cargo ship struck, and there is an excellent reason behind this, it is a part of history. The structure in question is the red seaside mansion of Hekimbasi Salih Efendi. This mansion once belonged to a doctor who served in the Ottoman palace and dates back to the 18th century. Everyone is hoping the damage suffered by the mansion will be able to be repaired and avoid being taken down altogether.

Why the Straight?

Now the straight, with all of these locations littering the outskirts of it may not seem like the ideal waterway in transporting a 738-foot cargo ship through; however, the Bosporus is the crucial waterway connecting the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea. This makes it the primary route to take when it comes to maritime travel in this location. There is no real way in getting around it.

Here is a video of the event occurring. Please note there is some strong language.

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