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How to Prepare for FSVP Inspections

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What needs to be done to be FSVP Compliant

When you are working to be FSVP Compliant, you need to follow these three steps.

fsvp inspection1) You need to talk to your customer and supplier to protect your assets and relationships.

2) Register with the FDA to expand your relationship with the government and formulate a food safety program

3) Register to be GSFI certified.

Communicate with your Supplier and Customer – Most people are still unaware of the fact that FSVP is already taking effect. There will be slowdowns, and there will be hiccups as we are all adjusting to this new system. The sooner you convey this to them, the easier the transition will be.

Register with the FDA – Next you will want to register with the FDA. By joining the system, it shows that you are making the positive steps to represent these changes.

Formulate a Food Safety Program (GSFI) – Next you will want to develop food safety routines based on existing protocols. Contact local supermarkets and ask them how they handle their warehouses. Next, you need to be certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative. Becoming Certified will prepare you for any question asked during an inspection.

What to do During Inspections

When an inspector arrives at your warehouse, it is important that you understand the inspector’s intention. Their job is to examine and report to their superiors, but more importantly, they are there to inform you.

fsvp compliantTake Notes – Take notes of everything they do. They are going to be giving you all of the answers so take this information and apply it to your existing program.

Ask Questions – Whether you are questioning the process or looking for tips to improve your plan, asking questions is a great way to get better information and possibly save you money.


If you are finding it difficult trying to determine if you need to be FSVP compliant or if you are having trouble becoming FSVP compliant, give us a call. We are working closely with the government to ensure that your imports are affected as little as possible, and we can help you out! Call us today!

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