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Logistics and Blockchain: A Match Made in Bliss

block chain

With many moving parts in the logistics industry, managing today’s supply chains are becoming more multifaceted with each passing day. Luckily, blockchain provides advantages that make the line of communication and transaction between business’s smoother than ever.

What is Blockchain and How Does It Work?

Essentially, blockchain is a chain of blocks that are linked together and containing information. It is a digit ledger that is distributed globally and is open to anyone. Distribution of blockchain for everyone is another way to keep the blockchain secure, called a P2P network. When someone new joins the network, they receive a full copy of the entire blockchain. If a new block is made, it is sent to everyone else in the system, and it is thoroughly examined to make sure nothing has tampered. When everything is approved, that block is added onto everyone’s chain.

The information stored inside depends on the type of blockchain. For instance, bitcoin will show the sender, receiver, and the amount of money transacted. Hash is like a fingerprint for the block. It is unique to each block and identifies the contents of the block. Once the hash is established, it will have its exclusive code. However, if something is changed, the hash will change along with it, making it easier to notice when modifications are made. Each block contains the hash from the previous one, which makes the chain incredibly secure.

How Can Blockchain Improve Supply Chains?

Blockchain has the chain of command built inside, making it easier for supply chains to increase their efficiency and smoothen the process from the warehouse up to the delivery of payment. Information will not have room to be interpreted or disputed because everyone involved will have the same digital ledger.

Because blockchain is available to everyone, it makes it incredibly accessible for global users. According to Forbes, companies in the food industry enjoy using blockchain for their business because they can keep a record of where their food is coming from, how it’s being processed, stored, and its sell-by-date. Communication alone will be massively impacted because there is ultimate transparency when using blockchain.

A1 Worldwide Logistics

Our company is continually looking toward the future of logistics. With blockchain becoming so well-known over the last ten years, it is one of the most effective ways to keep information and money secure. At A1 Worldwide Logistics, we’re educated on the inner workings of blockchain, and we know this will increase the productivity of supply chain logistics in the future and so on.

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