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What to Look for In a Freight Forwarder

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When it comes to the world of international shipping, it is essential that one has the absolute best when it comes to shipping your goods. You want to make sure you have the company you are utilizing has the very best when it comes to its credentials and what the extent of their services. Let us take a look at what you should be looking for in a reliable freight shipping company.

6 Things to Look For

Though we sometimes overlook these ideas of a good business, it is essential that the freight forwarder you are working through exhibits these qualities.

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1. Expertise

This can be measured in several different ways. How long has the company been in business, and how long have their employees been in the industry? Being a company that has not only an extensive background in the field but has also developed upon how the industry runs things is vital in knowing if the company has the expertise needed to trust it with your goods.

2. Crisis Management

Unfortunately, as is the nature of the world, accidents happen all of the time. This can even be the case with large freight forwarders. A forwarder should notify you immediately of any issues with your shipment and work proactively to secure other arrangements to lessen any further delays to your delivery.

3. Customer Service

freight forwarder

They need to be prompt and on time for your shipment. They also need to be responsive, flexible and treat you with respect. A forwarder that goes the extra mile for you is one that values your business, and will do whatever they can to make sure you are happy, and that your goods are safe.

4. Compliance

If they are willing not to follow rules and guidelines set up to try and cut costs, then think about what else they are willing to do for some extra money. That being said, a company that does not follow the rules can find itself in hot water, and by extension, put your property in jeopardy.

5. Reliability

Though it goes without saying, being reliable and trustworthy are the hallmark of a good company. You want to know that your goods are safe and are going to reach your required location safe and quickly.

6. TechnologyManager of a warehouse

The company should be utilizing up to date technology to ensure your product is not only monitored at all times, but that any hiccups that could occur are immediately found out and dealt with. This also extends to having employees knowledgable and comfortable with these technologies in order to better serve your needs.


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