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Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the FDA

fda food safety

Since President Obama signed into law the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in January 4th of 2016; there is a better protection enforced for the public’s health. This is by way of “strengthening the food safety system” for the USA and its entire community.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3,000 people die annually, 128,000 are hospitalized and approximately 1 in 6 Americans get sick…all from foodborne diseases. This can be prevented; a critical element to the public health of the USA. (FDA:2016, Jan.)

Miami freight forwarding utilizes regulatory experiences which we’ve from our past experiences working with the Port of Miami, including working with the latest technology. The fact is, policies and laws change drastically, daily, so to ensure your supply chain remains in ordinance, we’ll make sure you and your business complies with the transporting of your goods.

Knowing the laws and policies regarding freight forwarding in Miami, Fl can assist with the processing and transporting of goods which must comply with the Food and Drug Administration. With all the food and drugs that get transported through the Miami port and Miami airlines, you don’t want to be the one individual or company to be denied, or delayed. Miami freight forwarders know the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) from the FDA and all its policies that can change from time to time.

What is the Food Safety Modernationization Act (FSMA)?

The FSMA is an Obama-enacted law which protects the US public’s health.

Enabling the FDA to create more preventative maintenance on the health of the public by focusing in on food safety problem. Instead of reacting to the problems which occur from domestic and foreign foods, instead of “how to react” to the problems after they already have occured, is the main underlying reason for the FSMA.

This law also enforces authorities to successfully “achieve higher rates of compliance with prevention…” This includes the establishment of critical new tools for imported food standards as domestic foods. Also, by directing the FDA to partner with local and state authorities, the FSMA can help with the process of the importation of foods and drugs that are legally able to get through and from the Port of Miami.

The FSMA which helps the food facilities to have an implementation of the a written preventative controls plan should take all precaution.

We, can help you do that by assisting your business whether sole or with a company by evaluating the hazards which could effect food safety policies protocol. Also, including specifying what preventive steps, or controls, may be in place to reduce any hazards. Another element that can minimize or prevent hazards regarding your freight being forwarded by Miami freight forwarders, A 1 World Wide, is the records not being monitored, one way we are routinely able to maintain since everything is digital. We’ll also detail how we intend to monitor your goods to ensure quality services.


The authority of the FDA can deny entry of any foods entering the States and by refusing entrance of a company’s goods from a foreign facility. If the FDA is in fact authorized to deny food from a foreign country; bottom line. We can create the mandatory preventive controls plan for the food facilities that it is destined for or from.

This involves evaluating the hazards which can affect food safety, detailing the preventive controls or steps which will be put in place so as to prevent future hazards, detail how the facility will monitor these controls to ensure they are working and also filing and maintaining records which are routinely going to be monitored, including the detail actions to correct any problems if any arise.  (Final rule due 18 months following enactment)

A1 World Wide LogisticAnother mandatory standard that freight forwarder must keep an eye out for is produce. This becomes effective towards food being imported or exported. It is the criteria of a “science-based, minimum standards for the safe production and harvesting of fruits and vegetables.”  This includes naturally occurring hazards which can be introduced either unintentional or intentional, and this means addressing soil amendments. Soil amendments are, yet, another element of this mandatory standard (i.e. materials that may have been added to the soil as compost).  Such standards include hygiene, temperature controls, area animals which are in the growing area and the water which play a huge part of the entire process.  (Final regulation due about 2 years following enactment)

Miami freight forwarders, A 1 World Wide, will overlook that this is done effectively with your produce being imported (or exported).  Another prevention which is highly critical to the FDA is placing authority to prevent intentional contamination. “FDA must issue regulations to protect against the intentional adulteration of food, including the establishment of science-based mitigation strategies to prepare and protect the food supply chain at specific vulnerable points (Final rule due 18 months following enactment).

All in all complying with the FDA means that paperwork or certifications and permits must all be in compliance. Take for example, the FDA “Certification for High Risk Foods.” We will make sure that any “high-risk imported foods will be accompanied by a credible third party certification” or any other assurance of compliance so as to gain entrance into the US.


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