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What is FSVP? Everything You Need to Know


What is FSVP?

what is fsvpFSVP is the international trade law that has been passed under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA, read more about it here.) FSVP is known as the Foreign Supplier Verification Program. This is a set of programs that are in place to validate and verify that our food safety standards are being upheld.

The purpose of FSMA is to put as many preventative measures between infected food and consumers as possible. With expansions already in place for food production and food growers, the next focus is on importers, which is where FSVP comes in.

What Kind of Imports are Affected?

Food exclusively. If you are a food importer with the intention of reselling the products, you will have to abide by FSVP standards.

How does it affect my Job?

As an Importer, the rules of your job are now expanded. You now have two additional tasks that need to be obeyed.

fsvp trade inspectionsYou must be Food Safety Ready – The concept behind FSVP is that warehouses, where food comes in, should be held to the same standards as restaurants and supermarkets. You must now follow similar food safety rules. For Example, in New York, it is required that all food surfaces and storage spaces be at least 6 inches off the ground at all times, New York Warehouses must now abide by this law as well.

Your Overseas Partners are Food Safe – Once you have declared your warehouse ‘food, safe, and ready,’ you must now begin vouching for your importers. You are required to inspect the delivery methods and the state of the food when it enters your warehouse and communicates this information to the FDA and your trade partners.


If you are finding it difficult trying to determine if you need to be FSVP compliant or if you are having trouble becoming FSVP compliant, give us a call. We are working closely with the government to ensure that your imports are affected as little as possible, and we can help you out! Call us today!

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