Since the middle of last year, the sales of vessel has seen a steady increase. In correlation, shipping stocks from container and dry bulk sectors have also seen growth with tankers following the trend early February of this year. While some believed that the stocks would slow down due to the coronavirus, more people bought goods that were shipped overseas internationally, which raised the demand for ships to move the freight and rose the prices of shipping stocks. That growth has accelerated even more in early February with several stocks from the dry bulk and tanker sectors reaching an over 30% increase.

How Does the NAV Correlate to the Shipping Stocks?

The net asset value can (NAV) be described as value of a company determined by subtracting the total asset value by the liabilities. Shipping stocks have tended to trade at a discount relative to the NAV over the past decade. Likewise, the asset value of the ships also tended to be greater than the rate to charter a ship. This meant that the value of the actual ships was higher than the value they were trading for on the market. Recently, the opposite effect happened where the rate for chartering a ship was higher than the asset value of the ship, which may explain why the shipping stocks rose early February.

Potential Reasons for the Increase

A theory proposed for the sudden rise in shipping stocks in early February is that retail investors may have ran up the price of the stocks similarly to how the price of the GameStop stock rose in January but not to that extent. Another theory is that stockholders are predicting that a global economic recovery may happen later this year. With various vaccines being rolled out at a remarkable rate and restrictions slowly being lifted, investors are preparing to take advantage of the profit opportunity.

A Sign of Things to Come

The coronavirus pandemic causes an economic shutdown and a halt to businesses globally. With over a year after the pandemic was announced, we are still feeling the effects around the world. Many could believe that we are in the beginning of an upturn. It is interesting to note that compared to other shipping stocks, tankers tend to do poorly but have been performing well recently. The purchasing of stocks in the tanker sector has increased alongside dry bulk and container sectors for the first time in over a decade. The growth of shipping stocks may be a leading economic indicator showing a return back to normalcy.


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