Navigating Supply Chain Technology Trends

A1 Worldwide Logistics understands that it is important to have a long-term attitude towards development and execution and recognize that logistics trends come and go, and it can make little logic to deeply invest in proclaimed technological improvements just because they’re “the latest thing.”

While high-tech progression brings with its solutions that can transform how businesses in the supply chain interrelate, it’s imperative for all participants to be a little bit cynical when any company introduces a purportedly game-changing innovation.

Adopters of New Technology

3PLs are characteristically the early adopters of new advancements, as a large portion of their value proposition to their customers is their ability to utilize trailblazing technology to solve supply chain challenges.

These logistics providers continuously keep their ears to the ground attending conferences and investigating the latest technologies seeking new abilities. 3PLs can make a solo outlay in technology and influence that capability across many transporters.

While it is common for 3PLs to be on the leading edge of technical improvements, it’s vital that all supply chain participants do their due diligence when looking for a technology partner. They should select a logistics provider that has a stable fiscal footing, a well-reasoned plan for progress and a solid track record of data safekeeping. This goes together with choosing a firm that has an articulated plan and enough know-how and experience in the supply chain arena not to get caught up with superfluous trends.

Technology Partners

Technological advancements in the supply chain have brought growing quantities of logistics data to industry participants. This has lead to an increase in unconventional analytics to turn that data into actionable info, a skill in which technology providers excel. Shippers are using analytics in combination with real-time visibility data to identify holdups within their procedures and providers’ networks. This visibility allows them to estimate when deliveries will arrive at the planned destination with greater confidence. The future is bright in this area due to improving visibility technology, more advanced analytics, and integrated collaboration tools available to 3PLs.

Because of this heavy scrutiny, there’s a chance that for some companies, data excess might be on the horizon. Five years ago, big data was becoming a trending topic, and now, the amount of data available in the supply chain is overwhelming. As time goes on, data will only become more readily available. As that continues to progress, smart systems that leverage that data to create tangible business solutions will be in demand.

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