Looking for a Customs Broker in Miami?

customs broker in miami

South Florida’s Most Helpful International Customs Broker in Miami!

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We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service while helping you navigate through the world of international shipping. As a customer focused organization built on a foundation of excellent business practices, we are committed to helping our clients with the personalized touch they deserve. We focus on your supply chain so you can focus on your business. Having more than a decade of experience, we have built strong relationships that allow us to move your cargo and clear customs quicker and more cost effective than the competition.

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customs broker miami

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We strive to make the entire customs experience simple & easy (especially for new importers), and with the right partner, you’ll be in good hands. As your customs broker we will:

  1. File ISF 24-48 hours prior to vessel departure (for ocean shipments)
  2. Gather proper documentation for customs clearance services
  3. Classify your goods to determine duty rates
  4. Make a declaration to Customs of the items entering for the commerce of the U.S.
  5. Present documentation for customs review Coordinate the exams that customs and any participating government agency (PGA) may want to conduct
  6. Obtain final release from customs and the PGA
  7. Arrange final delivery from port to your facility

Looking for a Customs Broker in Miami?

Traditional customs brokers are private individuals, organizations, affiliations or partnerships authorized, directed and engaged by U.S. Traditions and Border Protection (CBP) to help shippers and exporters in gathering Federal prerequisites overseeing imports and fares. Representatives submit essential data and suitable installments to CBP in the interest of their customers and charge them an expense for this administration.

Agents must have ability in the passage methods, tolerability necessities, characterization, valuation, and the rates of obligation and relevant assessments and charges for imported product.