Customs Clearance

Helping to ensure that your merchandise clears customs quickly and efficiently

How it works

When your goods arrive at the U.S. from a foreign supplier, they must go through the customs clearance process.  This process goes smoothly with a customs broker as many regulations have to be followed to clear your goods properly and to ensure compliance.  Like A1 Worldwide Logistics, a good customs broker will not only get your shipments cleared quickly but should also educate you along the way.  We hold your hand throughout the entire process and keep you updated every step of the way.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we educate our clients and the exceptional level of customer service that we provide.

Customs Broker taking care of customs clearance for an A1 client


The Customs clearance process may seem daunting (especially for new importers), but with the right partner, it is quite simple. Your customs broker will:
1. File ISF 24-48 hours prior to vessel departure (for ocean shipments)
2. Gather proper documentation for customs clearance services
3. Classify your goods to determine duty rates
4. Make a declaration to Customs of the items entering for the commerce of the U.S.
5. Present documentation for customs review
6. Coordinate the exams that customs and any participating government agency (PGA) may want to conduct
7. Obtain final release from customs and the PGA
8. Arrange final delivery from port to your facility

Customs clearance services

  • Dry Cargo
  • Food Products
  • Alcohol (liquor, beer, wine)
  • Perishable items
  • Medical Devices
  • Automobiles
  • Boats and vessels clearance

Consultation Services

  • Customs Consultations
  • First Time Importer Set up
  • Product Classification and duty rate calculations
  • Prepare and Submit Administrative Ruling Requests
  • Customs Protest
  • Import Permit Applications
  • FDA Registrations
Our experienced team is here to assist you in the customs clearance process, helping to ensure that your merchandise gets released quickly and efficiently. We can get most shipments cleared days before their arrival into the United States. Call us today at (305) 821-8995 or continue reading about our services in Miami!

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