On-Demand Warehousing Growing

On-demand warehousing where the 3PL is the middleman between a business looking for a warehouse and the actual facility. This is ideal for short-term fulfillment.

Shipping By Air Or Ocean

While both methods can be equally valuable to a supply chain, specific shipments benefit from one.

Shipment is Stuck at Customs

CBP has to carefully check cargo when entering the country and may sometimes put the shipment on hold. While there are many reasons why customs detains your goods, there are ways to prevent this from happening

Importing Pets Into the U.S.

While getting pets into the U.S. may be easier compared to other countries, there are essential regulations shippers should follow. Failure to comply and prepare correctly can lead to customs holding your pets and monetary loss.

Shipping During The Hurricane Season

While uncontrollable situations can happen when shipping during the hurricane season, there are ways a shipper can prepare.

Congestion in the Panama Canal

The importance of the Panama Canal is shown by the extensive number of supply chains that rely on it. With the number of ships stuck in the traffic jam, the main impact is shipping delays.

Shipping Oversized Cargo Internationally

Compared to the shipment of regular-sized goods, shipping oversized cargo internationally has been known to be more difficult. Not only are the safety measures different, but the overall transportation logistics differ.

Seaports of the Future

Innovations in technology have led to the growth of ports and the shipping industry, which continues to grow. This article will explain the latest trends and predictions for the seaports of the future.

California Ports Receiving $1.2 billion

The purpose of the grants are for an overall improvement of port systems while creating zero-emission infrastructure to decrease pollution. Newsom noted that “These investments will modernize our ports, reduce pollution, eliminate bottlenecks, and create a more dynamic distribution network.”

How to Import Construction Materials

While importing may seem attractive, there are many precautions that the shipper must take beforehand. This article will be a brief introduction to bringing construction cargo to the U.S.