What is FSVP? Everything You Need to Know

What is FSVP? FSVP is the international trade law that has been passed under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA, read more about it here.) FSVP is known as the

How to Prepare for FSVP Inspections

What needs to be done to be FSVP Compliant When you are working to be FSVP Compliant, you need to follow these three steps. 1) You need to talk to

How to Enforce FSVP with your Exporters

Personally Inspecting the Food Products No matter where the products come from, two steps must be followed every time: First, the Importer must assume the role of an FSV, next

What happens to Decommissioned Container ships?

How are Container Ships Commissioned? Ships are commissioned for work after they have been rigorously tested and inspected. This can be anything from warships being dubbed battle ready or cargo

Importing Medical Devices

Why does it matter? There are two important points to know about when importing medical devices. First, medical devices must comply with every standard of normal importation except you must

A Retrospective on the Panama Canal

The Recent Article There was an article recently that showcased the Chief of the Panama Canal reflecting on the previous year after the expansion. Of the points he spoke about,

Everything you need to know about Amazon

The Beginning Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 because he regretted not investing in the Internet Business boom. Before it was Amazon it was known as Cadabra and Relentless both

Automated Shipping and the future of Imports/Exports

The Upside of Automated Shipping A.I. is beneficial to the trade of international shipping. The primary competitor for A.I. is people, and they are more error prone. Where a human

NAFTA isn’t going Anywhere

Why is NAFTA under Attack Right Now? Since his entry to the administration, the president has admonished NAFTA extensively. Through this period, there has been talks of reworking NAFTA and

How and Why do Container Ships Collide with Warships

The USS Fitzgerald and USS John S McCain. Within two months of each other, the USS Fitzgerald and the USS John S. Mccain had collided with cargo ships. The Fitzgerald,