FedEx Reaching Carbon Neutrality by 2040

On March 3, 2021 freight delivery franchise FedEx revealed its plan to go completely carbon neutral by 2040. This is part of a global trend where companies that produce carbon

Digitized Freight Forwarding and TMS Systems

Since its start in the early 1800s freight forwarding has developed into a whole industry. As logistics and technology have evolved over the years, so has freight forwarding. Innovations in

No End to the Global Container Shortage?

Last year there were reports of a global freight container shortage. This shortage has continued on to this year. The demand for containers greatly outnumbers the number of containers available.

Amazon’s Expanding Freight Delivery Stations

With e-commerce becoming more common over the years there has been a stronger need for logistics than in the past. Especially with the coronavirus forcing many to purchase their goods

Beer Imports Surpassing Wine Imports

The value of wine imported into the United States has always been greater than the value of beer imported. However in 2020 this changed, and the value of beer imported

Egypt Requests more than 1 Billion for Suez Canal Blockage

During late March, the freight carrying ship Ever Given got lodged in the Suez Canal for almost six days. With the vessel currently freed, Egypt is now requesting more than

The Launch of the First Hydrogen Powered Freight Vessel

French company Compagnie Fluviale de Transport (CFT) plans on launching the first hydrogen-powered freight vessel later this year. This vessel will solely be for inland use and run fully on

The growth of Chewy’s Warehousing Logistics

How has the creation of its first automated warehouse led to the growth of Chewy’s warehousing logistics? Chewy is a company that has used its extensive supply chain to deliver

How to Prevent Mishaps in the Customs Clearance Process

When moving your goods internationally one must be aware of how to prevent mishaps in the customs clearance process. There is a wide range of complexities when getting freight from

How did the Suez Canal Congestion Affect Ships Carrying Freight?

Recently, a vessel became stuck in the Suez Canal creating delays, but how does the Suez Canal congestion affect the ships carrying freight and supply chains? During a journey through