How Are Containers Loaded/Unloaded into a Warehouse

It is not common to explain how unloaders move the cargo from a truck into a warehouse. The term used is devanning, which is the act of unloading or unpacking freight from a container.

What Products Use Warehousing Services?

When shippers bring up warehousing in conversations, a frequent topic is the merchandise they put away. While there is an extensive amount of items kept in warehouses, we can break them down into categories. This article will discuss the common types of goods stored and how warehouses handle them.

Public Warehousing Services

There are an extensive amount of benefits that renting public warehousing space can provide. One of the main advantages is the revenue that the company or individual may save. For example, needing to house inventory requires storage space, which costs money. Renting out space in a warehouse tends to be cheaper during long storage periods. Getting a warehouse can cut down transportation costs and the warehouse also moves your goods to your customers for you. Another benefit is your cargo’s security because of the technological advancements in warehousing.

The Progression of Supply Chain Warehouses

Warehouses provide numerous services for your goods during the shipping process. Storage is a primary function that allows your goods to be kept in a secure facility for a period. The shipper may store the cargo until they are ready to sell or deliver it to a customer. Meanwhile, protecting those goods from damage or hazard is also a priority in warehousing.

The Importance of United States Free Trade Agreements

A FTA is an agreement that eliminates trade barriers for exporting and importing and promotes free trade between other countries. The United States currently has a free trade agreement with 20 countries, including Panama, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Morocco, Singapore, etc. Are you a business or an individual that wants to begin making shipments globally? We can help you start your shipping journey!

A1 Worldwide Logistics’ Colombian Team Meets at Cartagena

Last weekend and as part of A1 Worldwide Logistics‘ strategy of growth in Latin America, the company’s CEO and CFO, Robert Simmons and Daniela Pardo, visited Cartagena de Indias and

The Most Convenient and Efficient Warehouse Service

Businesses from an extensive amount of different industries as well as individual shippers use warehouses for their commodities. The reason is that it adds value to their supply chain. A1 Worldwide Logistics provides numerous cost-effective warehousing services to streamline your supply chain.

Standard Operations Return at the Port of Oakland

The Port of Oakland was shut down due to trucker protests on Ab5. The protesting has since settled down to a few dozen protesters, and protesters have relocated to “free speech zones.”

Are you in the US and willing to import Colombian products?

Clear and Move your Merchandise with A1 Worldwide Logistics. We have a team of experts ready to guide you through the import process. We can help with: Custom Clearance – 

Keeping the Family Legacy Alive Through Shipping: Ali Musayev

Meet Ali Musayev, an Azeri rug maker who sells carpets at a brick-and-mortar store in Baku, Azerbaijan. Ali was born in Baku and recently inherited the business from his dad, who inherited it from his dad. His grandad Osman originally started the company hoping to escape poverty and provide for his family. When it began, the business became one of Baku’s most significant family-owned rug shops.