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4 Ways To Optimize Your Supply Chain Orchestration

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Here at A1 Worldwide Logistics, we know from experience that as the B2C and B2B markets have grown and evolved, customers are demanding faster shipments, greater flexibility, and more clarity in the order lifecycle and logistics process.

As such, A1 Worldwide Logistics knows that only with true innovation can you establish real-time visibility with the power to make changes can you achieve the agility that clients demand and stand out from your competition.

To help your business grow and scale, here are four trends you can use to supercharge your Supply Chain Orchestration (SCO). These trends will allow you to completely transform your businesses supply chain and provide the best service to your clients at a cost-effective price.

  1. Establish end-to-end logistics visibility. A comprehensive, all-inclusive picture of your supply chain, combined with the ability to act, allows you to optimize every individual client order. You must be able to granularly analyze logistic costs against your customer’s satisfaction to find the perfect balance that enables the highest volume of on-time, completed orders.
  2. Get real-time control of your business inventory network. Inventory distortion, including out-of-stocks and overstocks, costs businesses over $1.2 trillion globally. That is a massive sum of money to be losing to inventory issues. It’s no surprise that many forward-thinking companies are rushing to have complete visibility of not just their internal inventory, but also the whole network—custom brokers, suppliers, warehouses, and in-transit stock.

Dynamic planning wins out over high-level stationary planning based on forecasts, cutting down on inventory that is always depreciating and ensuring customers get their orders swiftly. SCO can show you exactly where the stock is at any given moment, and also enables your business to ship directly from different locations or even reroute stock in-transit.

  1. Remember that your customer is looking to buy a complete “experience.” Customers have a vast choice of vendors for their desired product; what decides customers continued loyalty in the future is the experience they have ordered from your business. It has been proven that repeat customers order more, spend more, and refer more customers. In short, they bring in more money and business, so it’s vital to create amazing customer experiences and to build customer loyalty.
  2. Optimize every part of your supply chains. The path to a genuinely customer-centric methodology comes through optimizing for specific orders. Factoring in every factor from stock readiness to timeliness, and tailoring every step to achieve a great customer experience without overspending, requires supply chain optimization.

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