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Customs Clearance Process

vessel moving cargo through a port for customs clearance
customs clearance process

When moving your goods internationally one must be aware of how to prevent mishaps in the customs clearance process. There is a wide range of complexities when getting freight from point A to B. Sometimes this journey may not go as smoothly as planned and your goods may be held in customs. While there are certain incidents that may not be averted like bad weather, there can be ways to ease the process.

What are some potential mishaps that can occur during customs clearance?

When cargo goes through customs clearance, certain situations may create setbacks and elongate the time that the goods reach the final destination. The paperwork may not be completed or correct. The description of the cargo may precise enough to pass through customs. Before the freight even gets to the point of customs clearance there is a small chance that the goods may be damaged or lost at sea. Having insurance on the cargo can be useful if this happens.

How to prevent potential disasters?

Before even shipping a good internationally you must know if the good is allowed to be imported into that country. This may be especially important for companies that are distributing their goods internationally with e-commerce. The shipper must make all the required payments before the goods depart the country of origin. Also, make sure that the goods are classified correctly. For example, there may be goods that are classified as hazmat or hazardous materials.

Another way to prevent mishaps in the customs clearance process is to be detailed when documenting the information. This may include the following:

  • Be very precise when describing what is being imported such as having the correct dimensions. (length width and height)
  • Have a good estimate on the total value of the product that is being moved.
  • Make sure all the necessary documents are properly filled out. This can include forms such as the Bill of Lading, Commercial invoice, etc.

Find a good Customs Broker

One of the greatest ways to make sure that the customs clearance process goes smoothly as possible is to find a good customs broker.  A customs broker acts as an intermediary between the importer/exporter and governing customs bodies. They make sure that all the requirements are met for international goods. When looking for a customs broker it is important to look for someone that has familiarity and experience with the process. It may also be beneficial to check if they have good reviews.

The customs clearance process can be tedious and daunting, especially if it’s your first time doing it. However, knowing what you’re doing can save time and energy. If you Are looking for a customs broker or want to know more about the required documentation needed when going through customs clearance, call us at 786-380-6277.

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