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Chewy’s Warehousing Logistics

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warehousing logistics

How has the creation of its first automated warehouse led to the growth of Chewy’s warehousing logistics? Chewy is a company that has used its extensive supply chain to deliver pet products across the U.S. At a time where there is a high reliance on e-commerce, Chewy has stepped the warehouse logistics up to meet the needs of customers.

What is Warehousing Logistics?

The definition of logistics itself is the comprehensive planning and execution of a complex process. Warehousing logistics is the moving of goods in and out of a warehouse and everything in between. This may include order picking, storing goods for a period of time, sorting the goods, and other intricate practices.

Different types of warehouses like fulfillment centers, Storage centers, and distribution centers have specific logistics in place. The difference between automated fulfillment centers and regular fulfillment centers is how the goods are processed. Automated facilities rely more on technology to process and move the goods.

Chewy Creates Its First Automated Warehouse.

In October of 2020, Chewy opened its first automated fulfillment center after years of planning. This warehouse is different from Chewy’s previous fulfillment centers in terms of logistics. In the past, workers would manually pick, move, and store the items in the facility. The automated warehouse allows for conveyor belts to move the goods. This saves time and energy. The storage of the goods has also been redesigned for easier access.

The idea behind this automated facility is to quicken delivery and fulfillment while improving worker safety and logistics. The amount of money saved by automation is also an advantage. Chewy’s warehouse system management team is currently examining and analyzing this first automated warehouse in hopes of producing more in the future.

What can this mean for the Future of Warehousing Logistics?

Warehousing tends to be an important part of many supply chains. With Chewy developing its warehousing operations, other companies and corporations may join in on the trend. United Natural Foods has announced that it anticipates that its new automated facility will double picking time. Big lots have also created 2 warehouses that focus solely on the processing of bulky and heavy inventory.

One of the main goals in 2020 for many companies was to protect and strengthen their supply chains. Many companies including Chewy have developed innovative ways to protect against economic downturns. This can include changing their warehousing logistics. If you are looking for a warehouse to store your imported goods and assist with your company’s logistics, call us at 305-821-8995. We have a bonded warehouse facility where your imports can be stored for 5 years without payment of duties.


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