Port of Shanghai Reopened for Freight Shipping 

With the biggest port in the world fully operational, we want to make sure your cargo is transported with no problems. A1 has experience importing cargo from China such as vehicles, electronics, metal clothing, etc. We also have exported machinery, luxury items, furniture, and much more from the U.S. to China. 

Covid-19 Shipping Surge and the Panama Canal

The increased capability of Panama Canal has proved to be a key component in the context of the shipping surge generated by the pandemic.

Indonesia Banning Palm Oil Exports

On April 28, the Indonesian government began banning palm oil export. At first, the export ban included only bleached, refined, and deodorized palm oils. However, very soon the ban got

Importing Agricultural Goods into the U.S.

Before importing agricultural products into the United States, you need to be aware of many regulations. Guidelines to import can be extensive; this article will give you a basic understanding

Will 3D printing disrupt the Freight Transportation Industry?

The transportation industry has seen massive growth and development in freight movement over the last few decades. A recent topic that has become popular in the Transportation and Logistics industries

Air freight rates may rise in the next months

Around the time the coronavirus pandemic began, air freight rates began to have significant volatility. With the rates going up and down multiple times in the past few years, they

China’s Lockdown and its effects on supply chains

Several districts in China have been on lockdown for the past few weeks due to Covid, and the impact is now being felt on global supply chains. As outbreaks began

Optimize Their Supply Chain Logistics

Worldwide shipping costs continue to rise and companies are now looking at ways to optimize their supply chain logistics to protect against these costs. Why are Shipping Costs Rising Different

Top Freight Container Shippers

The current international freight shipping market is seeing a sizeable distribution of spot prices. When shipping containers, a spot price is a cost for moving freight shipments to a certain

Air Freight Carriers and Eco-Friendly Supply Chains

A recent trend that many companies have been concentrating on is the effect of air freight carrier emissions on eco-friendly supply chains. The global shipping company, FedEx announced in 2011