What You Need to Know About Shipping Hazardous Materials?

Sometimes referred to as hazmat, a hazardous material can be described as any material that may pose as a potential threat to safety, health, and the environment. Because of this,

CMA CGM Air Cargo Division

CMA CGM is known as one of the leading shipping companies which ships to 420 different ports around the world. Recently with the purchase of four A300-200F freighter aircrafts, CMA

What is the First Mile of the Supply Chain?

When discussing the aspects of the supply chain, the final mile commonly tends to appear in the conversation. What may be talked about less but is equally as important is

How Safe is Your Supply Chain from Cyber Attacks?

As many aspects of the world’s supply chains are increasingly becoming more digitalized, the chances that your company’s supply chain are at risk to cyberattacks may also be rising. Criminals

Trucks and Cargo Theft

Have you ever heard the story on the news that goods from a truck were stolen or had it happen to one of your acquaintances? Compared to freight that is

Is Drone Delivery the Future?

Recently, Coca-Cola partnered with DroneUP to deliver their coffee flavored soda by drone to customers of Coffee county, Georgia. In the past, drones have been discussed as an alternate method

The Expansion of Amazon Air

Known for being one of the leaders in e-commerce, Amazon may be seen by many as a convenient way of buying goods that are delivered in a timely manner. Recently

What You Need to Know About Rolled Cargo?

Have you ever gotten a notification saying that your cargo has been rolled? When a cargo has been rolled, the vessel that it was supposed to be loaded on rejected

U.S Port Congestion

Over the last few months, Ports in the U.S have reached record import volumes. The ports of California in particular have seen an unprecedented amount of congestion due to the

How will Brexit effect Supply Chains

On January 31, 2020, the United Kingdom left the European Union after a referendum vote to do so. With the high amounts of goods that get transported between the EU