A Retrospective on the Panama Canal

The Recent Article There was an article recently that showcased the Chief of the Panama Canal reflecting on the previous year after the expansion. Of the points he spoke about,

Everything you need to know about Amazon

The Beginning Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 because he regretted not investing in the Internet Business boom. Before it was Amazon it was known as Cadabra and Relentless both

Automated Shipping and the future of Imports/Exports

The Upside of Automated Shipping A.I. is beneficial to the trade of international shipping. The primary competitor for A.I. is people, and they are more error prone. Where a human

NAFTA isn’t going Anywhere

Why is NAFTA under Attack Right Now? Since his entry to the administration, the president has admonished NAFTA extensively. Through this period, there has been talks of reworking NAFTA and

How and Why do Container Ships Collide with Warships

The USS Fitzgerald and USS John S McCain. Within two months of each other, the USS Fitzgerald and the USS John S. Mccain had collided with cargo ships. The Fitzgerald,

What happens to Port Miami during a Hurricane!

What do Ships do to Avoid a Hurricane? When a hurricane hits, many boats will need to make decisions on where to be when that happens. To keep it short,

Tesla: Partners with AMD/High Trucking Turnover

Tesla has partnered with AMD to Expand A.I. Tesla has recently partnered with the chipset maker AMD to expand the A.I. initiative for their cars. These will be implemented into

A Unified Front Towards Electric Vehicles

Are Fuel-Run vehicles Running out of Gas? The spark that Tesla lit over a decade ago is about going off. It seems that everyone in the world is finally grouping

Logistics Deals and the Recent Snowman Agreement

Snowman and Ikea have a Trade Deal. Ikea is foraying farther into India and because of that are pushing for their restaurant chain to supply more income than it does

Autonomous Ships and Their Impact on Customs

The Advent of the Unmanned Shipping Vessel Projected to set sail in 2018, the Yara Birkeland will be the first ever fully autonomous cargo ship, marking yet another step towards