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Digitized Freight Forwarding

Since its start in the early 1800s freight forwarding has developed into a whole industry. As logistics and technology have evolved over the years, so has freight forwarding. Innovations in forwarding have led to goods being moved around further distances faster. Supply chains also grew to be more well-built and resilient. Recently, a common trend that we may be seeing more of is freight forwarding companies becoming more digitalized. These digitalized forwarding companies have also seen increasing collaborations with TMS providers to enhance their capabilities.

The Benefits of more Digitalized Forwarding

The process of freight forwarding is intricate with many different components involved. If one thing goes wrong, it may harm the whole process. For example, If the paperwork is incorrect at the start, the freight may not be allowed to reach the final destination. Digitalized forwarding allows simple mistakes to be avoided. When the paperwork is transferred into a system, errors can be checked for much easier and in a timely manner. Also, the documents can be re-examined conveniently since they up uploaded and viewable at any time.

Another important benefit is that the tracking of the freight is much more possible. This is because real-time tracing allows for constant updates of your shipment. The date that the freight will reach its final destination may also be predicted much easier. The quotation process may also become more accurate. Although it may be costly to transition into a more digitalized system the benefits can outweigh the costs. One way many companies are doing this is by adopting a TMS platform.

What is a TMS?

A transportation management system (TMS) is software that provides a clear view of the operations of the freight shipping process. This is by having digital access to information such as the coordination and movement of freight. It also assists with planning and record-keeping of the freight. When a freight forwarding company partners with a TMS like Descartes or BluJay, the supply chain processes become more efficient. Over the next few years, a large number of freight forwarding companies could transition into becoming paperless and using TMS software.

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