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Carbon Neutrality – Freight Logistics

On March 3, 2021 freight delivery franchise FedEx revealed its plan to go completely carbon neutral by 2040. This is part of a global trend where companies that produce carbon


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Digitized Freight Forwarding

Since its start in the early 1800s freight forwarding has developed into a whole industry. As logistics and technology have evolved over the years, so has freight forwarding. Innovations in


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Freight Vessel

French company Compagnie Fluviale de Transport (CFT) plans on launching the first hydrogen-powered freight vessel later this year. This vessel will solely be for inland use and run fully on


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How Safe is Your Supply Chain from Cyber Attacks?

As many aspects of the world’s supply chains are increasingly becoming more digitalized, the chances that your company’s supply chain are at risk to cyberattacks may also be rising. Criminals


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Is Drone Delivery the Future?

Recently, Coca-Cola partnered with DroneUP to deliver their coffee flavored soda by drone to customers of Coffee county, Georgia. In the past, drones have been discussed as an alternate method