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E-Commerce and Freight Forwarding

ships leaving a port with e-commerce goods that was moved by freight forwarding

Decades ago, E-Commerce changed the way that goods would be purchased. Instead of going to your local store for a product, it was now possible to purchase that same merchandise from the comfort of your own home. Many local stores became online stores, which not only led to a greater variety of product choices but lower costs.

The demand Freight Forwarding

As E-Commerce started to grow and become more globalized, many freight forwarders adapted to the trend. The market of freight forwarding experienced high demand in terms of volume. This is because a large portion of retail shopping is done online and stores that are online can extend their reach to more shoppers. Also, since goods sold on the internet usually must be delivered to customers from different countries or cities; freight forwarders are needed for the logistics aspects of getting the goods to the customers.

Accommodating to Changes

The advancement of online businesses led to the supply chain of products becoming more intricate, which included freight forwarding. There were various ways in which forwarders changed their business structures to accommodate e-commerce. Better methods for delivery shortened the time that products would reach the customers and innovative warehouse storage equipment led to secure protection of the goods during the delivery.

What’s Next?

With online shopping and forwarding growing together both individually and holistically, the possibilities for the future are endless. Both markets have flourished into large markets with increasing demands. As logistics become more advanced, there is a likelihood that supply chain processes become quicker and more digitalized, leading to better communication at all parts of the supply chain and a better process.


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