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Coronavirus Vaccine Logistics

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The battle with coronavirus has taken a very interesting turn where several companies are reporting optimistic outcomes in vaccine testing. This has led to the confidence that the allocation of the vaccine to people in need will take place as soon as late December. There are many logistical aspects that will go into the forwarding of the treatment to millions of people.

1. Transportation
The main method of conveyance is going to be by air freight. Since the quantity of the vaccines distributed is going to be so immense, forwarders must be prepared to handle such a large amount of freight. Various vaccines must also be kept at specific temperatures. For instance, Pfizer’s needs to be maintained at -70 degrees Celsius (-94 degrees Fahrenheit) while Moderna and AstraZeneca must be kept at 2-8 degrees Celsius (35.6-46.4 Fahrenheit). The airplanes must have the appropriate accommodation for this task.

2. Storage
When the air freight arrives at the warehouse, the facilities must make sure that they are placed in an area with the same temperature as they were on their journey there. The storerooms should be equipped to handle large-scale quantities while simultaneously having the capacity to keep them at their respective temperatures. In Pfizer’s case, there must be enough dry ice in the storage to house the vaccines. The issue is that the amount of dry ice being produced has reduced due to a lack of ethanol currently being produced.

3. Distribution
The final part of the logistics process will be the dispensation of the vaccine to the public. The first receivers of the vaccine will be hospital workers such as doctors and nurses. Next will be high-risk individuals including people above the age of 65 and people with preexisting health conditions. Lastly, the individuals that have occupations where there is a high likelihood of interacting with other people and everyone else.

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