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Flower Shipping During this Valentine’s Season

Tall man surprises his wife or girlfriend giving her a beautiful bouquet of imported Colombian flowers

Celebrated February 14th, Valentine’s Day is known as a celebration of love and romance. Goods such as chocolates, candy, and perfumes are imported into and out of the U.S. from different countries. Another typical shipment moved globally for Valentine’s Day celebrations is flowers. Over 1.1 billion flowers are imported into the U.S. and inspected annually by customs. Out of all the imports, most are roses produced and transported from farms in Colombia. Several trade agreements have resulted in more than 62% of the total rose imports into the U.S. coming from Colombia.Bouquet of red roses ready to be given

Miami International Airport receives an estimated 91% of all the flower imports that come into the U.S. 23% of these imports happen between January and February in preparation for Valentine’s Day. While the importance of shipping flowers internationally is known, the process of moving the goods to their final destination is not. This article will give a background of how flowers are imported into the U.S. and explain how to begin. For more information, talk to one of our customs brokers at 305-425-9752 to understand the shipping process.

The Logistics Behind Importing Flowers into the U.S.

Since most rose imports into the U.S. come from Colombia, shipping from this country will be an example. The supply chain begins at the farms in Colombia, where producers grow the flowers and prepare them for shipping. When a wholesale company or independent shipper places an order, the flowers are packed into a refrigerated plane and transported. The method of conveyance is generally an airplane because the flowers have to be transported from Colombia to the U.S. in a speedy manner. Nevertheless, in some cases, boats are also used to transport flowers. Once they reach the U.S., Customs and Border Protection inspect the flowers for insects or diseases.

Customs’ purpose is to ensure that anything imported or exported from a country complies with the laws and regulations. Since there are an extensive amount of guidelines that require compliance, many importers hire a customs broker. A broker acts as an intermediary between the shipper and customs for the release of a shipment. They do this by providing the correct documents, filing customs entries, and paying the duties of the importer.

When customs clears the flowers, a refrigerated truck transports them to their final destination. A shipper who wants to begin importing flowers into the U.S. should start by understanding the necessary documents for importation. Customs brokers also help educate shippers to understand that and to provide the paperwork. The importer should also talk to a freight forwarder to find a carrier to move the shipment. Forwarders find the best transportation prices for conveyances such as boats, planes, rail, and trucks.

Give flowers!

Valentine’s day is a time of showing that special someone admiration and appreciation. A conventional way is by giving presents like flowers and other gifts such as jewelry or chocolates. If you plan on shipping cargo for this coming Valentine’s Day, contact A1 Worldwide Logistics at 305-821-8995 to get started. Our company has freight forwarders and customs brokers prepared to handle your cargo. We will ensure your and your customers’ satisfaction with the secure movement of your shipment.

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