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Do I Need a Customs Broker?

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A common term constantly heard in international shipping is Customs Broker. Customs brokers are licensed corporations, partnerships, and private individuals who arrange importers’ customs clearance process. When a shipper brings cargo into a country like the U.S., it has to go through Customs and Border Protection (CBP). CBP aims to protect its nations’ borders by facilitating lawful travel and trade. Due to the need to safeguard, many regulations may involve getting goods through customs. The rules and complexities can make customs clearance an obstacle for businesses participating in global trade.

Benefits of having a Customs Broker

Although customs brokers are not lawfully required, having one can mean many advantages for your shipment. Some of the benefits include:

Customs Clearance

Shipping goods into a country like the U.S. requires the shipper to follow all the guidelines. Customs clearance involves sending accurate and correct paperwork to customs on time. Incorrect documentation sent to customs can result in a hold on your cargo, leading to extra import charges. A customs broker can help provide shippers with the correct documentation and even coordinate the release for the importer.


A broker reduces the time it takes to file the correct documentation and present it to an agency. This, in turn, speeds up the customs clearance process. Saving the time it takes for customers to receive their product is advantageous for businesses that constantly move freight. Trusting the cargo importation to a customs broker can also let the importer focus on other parts of their business.


Laws for bringing goods into a country constantly change and can be challenging to keep track of. Not only is a customs broker informed of new regulations, they know previous guidelines and how the process works. They are ideal for first-time shippers who may not know what to expect when moving their goods. Using a broker can also prevent penalization for not following regulations or holding cargo in customs.


A customs broker can help prevent unnecessary expenses for a shipper and reduce business shipping costs. Due to the extensive amount of regulations that shippers must follow, they may overlook some costly aspects. For example, the Harmonized System requires that all goods imported into the U.S. are classified correctly. Misclassification can result in fines like fraud which is not favorable if you are a business that wants to import. A broker’s main job is to prevent these situations from happening.

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While international shipping can be complex and daunting for new and experienced shippers, the benefits outweigh the risks. The potential monetary gain and expansion of one’s business are possible when moving goods globally. However, it is crucial to be fully prepared, and the preparation is done by using a customs broker. For more information on importing to the U.S. or if you need a customs broker, contact us at 305-440-5156. Our experienced brokers will guide you throughout the process and ensure your cargo is successfully brought into the U.S.


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