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Modern-day Importance of Customs Brokers 

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The importation of goods is complex and has shown the modern-day importance of customs brokers. International imports have gone up significantly, with various factors contributing to this, like the growth of e-commerce and globalization. A significant number of importations means that more protection against the movement of illegal and dangerous goods is essential. Customs brokers ensure that importers follow the government guidelines.

Imagine a person or company that wants to begin selling a product internationally. This person may well benefit from a customs broker. For example, what if the seller is in China and gets their first customer in the United States? Since international trade has many regulations and costs, bringing the product to the U.S. may seem intimidating to the seller. The customs broker will help simplify the process.

Customs brokers may also help avoid penalties for importing goods. Let’s say that you are importing an item into the U.S. for the first time. You receive a message from customs saying that your import was classified incorrectly and that you will be fined. Being a first-time shipper, you may not be familiar with how to classify a good and make a mistake. You may also not receive the item you imported. Contacting a customs broker would have saved you money and time since brokers understand how to classify imports.

Another common daily case is the importation of pets. A first-time importer recently fell in love with a dog and wanted her to be imported into Miami. At first, the importation process was tedious, with a tremendous amount of paperwork. Bringing the dog through U.S. customs was stressful until they hired a customs broker. Now, the dog is in a loving home in Miami.

What are Customs Brokers

When freight enters a country, it goes through customs clearance before reaching its final destination. This process is handled by a customs broker. A customs broker is a company or individual that clears goods entering a country for a shipper. They act as the middleman between the importer and the country that they are importing to. A customs broker’s duties are to make sure that the importers comply with the country’s regulations that they are importing into. Customs brokers also ensure that your imported goods are under the correct harmonized code, which are part of a system that customs authorities use to assign taxes to imported goods. In few words, customs brokers act as guides for the entire customs clearance process.

Why do We Need a Customs Broker?

Most first-time importers are not familiar with the customs clearance process. If specific regulations regarding imports are not followed, it causes the importer trouble, and delays the entire supply chain. For example, in the United States, certain toys that are considered dangerous may be banned from importation. If you try to import an illegal toy, customs may fine you over $1000. Certain imports may also require a permit before entry.

Another example is soil, which is prohibited from entering the U.S unless the importer has a certified permit. There can be many CBP (Customs and Border Protection) regulations that an importer has to follow and memorize. To save time and speed up the import process, they can hire a customs broker. A customs broker also lets the shipper understand the taxes of importing. They may pay the importer’s duties to customs and then send the bill to the importer. This helps the shipper avert unnecessary expenses since customs brokers know the duties and taxes involved in your import.

Are You Looking for a Customs Broker?

Bringing goods into the United States can seem intimidating and stressful to importers. This can be whether you are bringing imports into the U.S. for the first time or a company that plans on continuously importing. One of the most prominent locations where shippers get goods into the U.S is Miami, Florida. Ranking in the top 10 ports in terms of volume of imports, Port Miami brought in 1,066,738 TEU (Twenty foot Equivalent Unit) in 2020. A1 Worldwide Logistics is a Miami based logistics company whose team is prepared to guide you through the customs clearance process. Our customs brokers help you clear dry cargo, perishable items, food products, automobiles, and much more through customs. Contact us at (305) 425-9752 to clear your merchandise and start the importation process.

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