Packing and Crating Cargo

warehouse operators selecting crates to load cargo unto.

In shipping, packing is taking an item from a warehouse and putting it inside a packaging material. The good is then loaded into a truck or a courier and transported to the next destination. Packing may begin when a warehouse gets an order from a business to ship a product to a client. A worker inside the warehouse will then find the correct cargo and prepare it for transportation to the customer. Before going into the truck, the freight may be wrapped, packaged, and put on a pallet. A common type of packaging used for packing is crating.

A crate is a four-sided shipping box made from various materials, including metal, plastic, and, most commonly, wood. Cargo that is fragile, easily breakable, or heavy use crates as packaging material to prevent damages. During the shipping process, bumps and bruises may naturally happen to a shipment. Trucks also tend to be loaded to total capacity, meaning the chances of heavy material damaging goods increase.


What are the Pcolorful plastic crates used in warehousesros and Cons of Shipping Cargo in a Crate

One of the main reasons why crates are an ideal solution is because of the protection that they provide. They can withstand a large amount of weight and are difficult to break. The shape also allows for stability, which is helpful for storage and transportation. There may be downsides with crating, such as the cost. Certain types of wood may be expensive, and crates can be more costly than other packaging. Wood that is low quality also may contain toxins that might harm the goods being shipped. The supplier will disinfect and spray chemicals on the crates before usage.

Crates can also take up more space in a container than conventional packaging. Despite the cons, crating is still one of the best alternatives for packing sensitive and heavy cargo. Find a warehouse that offers this service to learn about the benefits of crating goods for a supply chain. Contact A1 Worldwide Logistics at +1 (305) 440-5156 for a quote to store your freight in our warehouse. We provide packing and crating solutions for your shipments and transport the load in and out of our facility.

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