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Warehousing and E-commerce Fulfillment

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In the last few decades, e-commerce has grown into a multi-trillion-dollar business. Instead of driving to the local brick-and-mortar store for goods, people began purchasing online, increasing the need for e-commerce. Similarly to large cooperations, smaller retailers began creating online stores due to growth opportunities. Shopping is now interconnected; a U.S. person can buy a good in China in the comfort of their home. Along with e-commerce, the need for warehousing cargo and moving goods internationally grew.

One of the many factors that helped warehousing grow was e-commerce due to the necessity for inventory storage. Since customers surged globally, sellers needed more inventory to accommodate the buyers. Online businesses began using warehouses to store their goods and extra merchandise. This was especially true for smaller companies that may not have enough capital to house goods. Along with storage, there are many value-adding services that a warehouse can have for an e-commerce business.

How do Warehouses Help in E-Commence Fulfillment

Warehouses are essential in many businesses’ supply chains, including online. Technological advances have led to warehouses becoming ideal for e-commerce fulfillment. The fulfillment process begins when a customer buys a product from a website. The site then sends information about the order to the warehouse. The order’s goods are located and then prepared to be sent to the customer. E-commerce is not limited to public warehouses and is also done in other types of warehouses like bonded, consolidated, smart, etc. Other services that warehouses provide for online businesses include:

  • The performance of warehouse audits for inventory control.
  • Forecasting the customer demand to determine which items are/aren’t selling.
  • Delivering the product to the final destination or the customer.
  • Packing and picking services for online orders.

The coronavirus pandemic has recently accelerated the growing e-commerce market. With an increased number of customers buying goods online, businesses may benefit from having extra inventory stored in a warehouse. If you have an online store and looking for a warehouse for your goods, contact A1 Worldwide Logistics at 305-440-5156. If you need a warehouse in Texas, call 832-501-9885. We will find the solution you need for your e-commerce business and a team of experts ready to guide you!

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