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How Are Containers Loaded/Unloaded into a Warehouse

Numerous components are involved in moving freight from the start to the final destination. Each piece is equally important to the whole process. However, it is not common to explain how unloaders move the cargo from a truck into a warehouse. The term used is devanning, which is the act of unloading or unpacking freight from a container. We will describe FCL (Full Container Load) devanning since LCLs (Less Than Container Loads) go through a different process.

For FCLs (Full Container Loads), devanning is done at a warehouse after the container arrives from the port. Once the container arrives at the warehousing facility, trained lumpers or handlers begin unpackaging the shipment carefully. Unloaders use different tools to empty the containers, such as forklifts, conveyors, pallets, etc. The unloading should be done with caution for both the freight and unloaders. The goods must stay in excellent condition while the people handling the cargo must be safe from accidents. Damaging the goods may disrupt the entire supply chain, and the costs incurred can be substantial.

What Happens After the Containers are Unloaded?

Once the unloaders devan the containers, they move the cargo inside the warehouse. As previously mentioned, forklifts usually move the freight out of the container. Once inside the warehouse, the goods may be stored using several methods. Some examples are mobile shelving and pallet racking, which is the storage of pallets in vertical and horizontal rows. When the shipper wants the shipment to go to their location, forklifts wilt unload the pallets. Next, a truck will be loaded by a lumper and begin the journey to the final destination.

Devanning, like warehousing, shipping, and customs clearance is part of the broader supply chain picture. All aspects are crucial, and if one part goes wrong, it may affect the whole supply chain. A1 Worldwide Logistics is aware of this and provides different services to assist your company’s supply chain. This way, you can focus on other parts of your business while knowing that we are handling your supply chain. Call us at 832-501-9885 to find out more information.


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