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Covid-19 Shipping Surge and the Panama Canal

The increased capability of Panama Canal has proved to be a key component in the context of the shipping surge generated by the pandemic.


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Top Freight Container Shippers

The current international freight shipping market is seeing a sizeable distribution of spot prices. When shipping containers, a spot price is a cost for moving freight shipments to a certain


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CMA CGM to Stop Increasing Freight Spot Rates

CMA CGM, one of the biggest ocean freight movers recently announced its plan to freeze its rising spot rates through February 1st, 2022. This may come as a surprise to


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Evergreen Acquired Biggest Freight Vessels

Released onto the world’s seas on July 30, 2021, the Ever Ace has officially named the largest freight container ship in the world. Costing over $150 million to create, The


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Delays in Freight Persist

In 2021, the international freight market has seen various disruptions that have led to container prices skyrocketing. It was recently announced that a company would have to pay an ocean


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Attracts Freight Forwarders

Forwarders like Senator International and DB Schenker have been looking at alternatives for their freight which is steering them towards Rockford. Rockford airport may be seen as a life vest


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JFK Airport’s Freight Facility

The John F. Kennedy International Airport plans on upgrading its air freight facility to keep up with the current times. This will be done by tearing down two vacant cargo


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Port Delays and Spot Rates

Over the last year, the freight shipping industry has seen various of unfavorable circumstances like rising spot rates and port delays. Other Events, such as a global pandemic and the


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Carbon Neutrality – Freight Logistics

On March 3, 2021 freight delivery franchise FedEx revealed its plan to go completely carbon neutral by 2040. This is part of a global trend where companies that produce carbon


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Digitized Freight Forwarding

Since its start in the early 1800s freight forwarding has developed into a whole industry. As logistics and technology have evolved over the years, so has freight forwarding. Innovations in