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The Transition to Electronic Shipping

Paperless shipping has recently surged in popularity, and many top carriers have followed the trend. Nine of the largest ocean carrier companies have even committed to a fully electronic bill of lading by 2030. The bill of lading, or BL, is traditionally a document that a carrier issues on physical paper. A completely 100% electronic BL is a milestone in shipping and can lead to a fully digital supply chain in the future.


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Grain Exports During Record Low Water Levels

The Mississippi river has reached its lowest water levels in over a decade due to a drought. One of the most significant consequences is felt in grain exports. This is because over half of the grains exported from the U.S. flows through the river.


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Are You Declaring and Shipping Hazmat Properly?

A hazmat is an abbreviation for a hazardous material that may risk the environment, property, or a person’s health. Freight considered hazmat is toxic or easily flammable when released into the air or dangerous when spilled into the ocean. These goods follow unique precautionary methods when being handled. A shipper must fill out the dangerous goods declaration form before the goods leave the country. It is also crucial to research if the specific freight shipped is allowed entry into the destination country.


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Do I Need a Customs Broker?

Shipping goods into a country like the U.S. requires the shipper to follow all the guidelines. Customs clearance involves sending accurate and correct paperwork to customs on time. Incorrect documentation sent to customs can result in a hold on your cargo, leading to extra import charges. A customs broker can help provide shippers with the correct documentation and even coordinate the release for the importer.


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How to Begin Importing from China

China is the U.S.’s biggest trading partner and the largest exporter of goods internationally. Because of China’s ability to manufacture products on a large scale, importing from the country can present many opportunities. Not only is growth possible for a business, but reduced costs, large quantities of imports, and other benefits are also possible. While importing may seem attractive to first-time shippers, understanding what’s necessary is essential for the shipment’s success. This article will explain how to prepare the required documents and what to expect during your cargo’s shipping journey.


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Increased Dollar’s Effect on International Shipping

With the dollar currently at solid levels, it may be a perfect time for U.S. shippers to import goods. However, the shipping process is complex and may confuse first-time shippers. A third-party logistics company can help because they handle the shipment for the shipper. Contact A1 Worldwide logistics


Economic trends, Import and Export Experts, Shipping Logistics

Inflation Remains High as Supply Chain Pressures Ease

Whether the inflation is temporary or long-term, goods still must be moved internationally. Although the supply chain pressures have eased, the crunch is not over, and the shipper should still take caution. A1 Worldwide Logistics is a trusted freight forwarding, customs brokerage and, warehousing company experienced in all aspects of supply chains.


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The Importance of United States Free Trade Agreements

A FTA is an agreement that eliminates trade barriers for exporting and importing and promotes free trade between other countries. The United States currently has a free trade agreement with 20 countries, including Panama, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Morocco, Singapore, etc. Are you a business or an individual that wants to begin making shipments globally? We can help you start your shipping journey!


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Are you in the US and importing Colombian products?

Clear and Move your Merchandise with A1 Worldwide Logistics. We have a team of experts ready to guide you through the import process. We can help with: Custom Clearance – 


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Keeping the Family Legacy Alive Through Shipping: Ali Musayev

Meet Ali Musayev, an Azeri rug maker who sells carpets at a brick-and-mortar store in Baku, Azerbaijan. Ali was born in Baku and recently inherited the business from his dad, who inherited it from his dad. His grandad Osman originally started the company hoping to escape poverty and provide for his family. When it began, the business became one of Baku’s most significant family-owned rug shops.