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Air Freight Rates

containership with sea freight parked at a seaport to be unloaded

A convenient way to move your cargo around the world is by air. It is a dependable and quick method of transportation that is favorable in the eyes of the receiver of the shipment. While transporting your freight by air is advantageous, there is a cost rate associated with this method of conveyance. This rate varies depending on different factors that are important to be aware of when getting your air freight to its destination.

Chargeable Rate

This is basically the weight of the cargo and there are two methods used for calculation. The first method is the dimensional weight, which is is the total volume of the freight calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height then dividing it by the total volumetric factor. The other method use is the actual weight of the freight. When calculating, carriers use the higher of these two methods to determine the rate.

Extra charges

The base charge can be one component in determining the total cost of your shipment. There are more fees to be aware of:

Fuel Charges – This is a charge that different means of conveyance charge for gasoline fuel prices. Gas prices tend to fluctuate due to availability and demand, to defend themselves from a loss in profit the carriers add a fuel charge to the base rate of the cargo journey.

Airport Security Charges – Before the freight is loaded on the aircraft it must go through cargo screening requirements to determine any potential threats. Security surcharges are administered to cover the cargo screening This process happens both before the freight leaves the departing airport and once it reaches the landing airport.

Cargo Insurance – During the journey damages and losses can sometimes occur to the cargo unexpectedly. When this happens, the shippers of the cargo are accountable and not the air carrier responsible for the damage. To protect against the monetary loss, shippers pay for insurance before the journey. Cargo insurance may not be required but is recommended.

Customs Clearance Charges – In international trade there are charges for having your cargo exported/imported into a country. The charges come from the documentation that is given to the CBP before the shipment can be processed. If you are looking for a Customs broker to give you an understanding of the customs clearance charges or have freight that needs clearing call us at 305-821-8995 or you could send us an email at



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