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Port of Shanghai Reopened for Freight Shipping 

In the past few weeks, the Port of Shanghai had been working at a limited capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, operations in the port have opened to close to normal levels. Shanghai, China, has been on lockdown because of the “zero COVID” policy and has started to reopen in stages. This opening began with industrial production and manufacturing industries and then went to commercial businesses like stores and pharmacies. Additionally, The Port of Shanghai has slowly opened import and export operations. City authorities have noted that “normal life” will return to Shanghai on June 1, 2022.  

This reopening of the city and port is significant for the world of international shipping. When Shanghai and its port shut down, the shipping industry instantly felt the blow. Overseeing an estimated 744 million tons of cargo yearly, the Port of Shanghai is the largest and busiest seaport globally. The lockdown immediately increased the number of container ships outside the port by 195% and affected global supply chains. To prevent a backlog, 20,000 employees worked in the Shanghai port to keep it operating during the lockdown. The result was a throughput of 82% containers passing through the port in April compared to April of last year. 

What May Happen in the Upcoming Months 

As Shanghai returns to everyday life, the supply chains for various companies may resume pre-lockdown levels of normality. With increasing orders being placed from reopened manufacturing factories, the Port of Shanghai will feel increasing pressure. Not only is freight being exported out of the port but into the port as well. The need for trucks to move freight from and to the port will also rise. Because the Port of Shanghai is so extensive, the opening is highly positive for Shanghai and the world’s economy. 

Once the lockdown ends, different ports worldwide may experience a higher volume of containers than usual. This is due to the containers pent up in the Port of Shanghai. Ports like the Port of Rotterdam, which has dealt with congestion in the past, may feel the load. The Port of Los Angeles has been stable during the lockdown due to assistance from the port of Ningbo. When the Port of Shanghai went on lockdown, the Ningbo port took its freight and moved it to the Port of Los Angeles. This movement was done with a priority and helped alleviate pressure for both ports. With the holiday season approaching in a few months, ports and shippers may have to prepare early for any circumstance.  

Shipping World Continues to Move  

During the last few years, the pandemic and the lockdowns have made their presence known in the world of international shipping. On the one hand, the urgency to have freight shipped has increased due to a spike on ecommerce and, on the other, staff dealing with shippings at the ports and through all the supply chain has been limited (public health restrictions). 

Shippers may need more than ever to move their goods and we’re here to help. If you plan on importing/exporting freight from anywhere internationally, contact A1 Worldwide Logistics at (305) 425-9456 to get started. With the biggest port in the world fully operational, we want to make sure your cargo is transported with no problems. A1WWL has experience importing cargo from China such as vehicles, electronics, metal clothing, etc. We also have exported machinery, luxury items, furniture, and much more from the U.S. to China. 

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