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Trucks and Cargo

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trucks and cargo

Have you ever heard the story on the news that goods from a truck were stolen or had it happen to one of your acquaintances? Compared to freight that is carried by air and ocean, trucks may have the highest risk of potential theft. This is because, with the other two methods of conveyances, freight tends to be less accessible to the public and more protected. The goods that are robbed have a wide range in variety, but food and household goods tend to be common commodities. Although this crime tends to happen around the world it is a more common occurrence in Mexico and Brazil.

How does this happen?

A truck driver may stop various times on their way to the warehouse and the trip can last a few days. When the driver parks at a gas stop and leave the vehicle to go into the rest stop, they can sometimes make the mistake of leaving the truck running. Thieves see this as an opportunity to not only take the truck, but also the goods. Even before the journey even starts, the robbers have the route of the truck mapped out from the pickup location to the warehouse. This can mean that when the truck arrives at the destined warehouse, the robbers that have been following the truck on its trip are also at the warehouse. They then just take the cargo and drive off.

Other common methods of truck cargo theft include:

  • Counterfeit pickups – When freight reaches a port or a container terminal, the truck driver arrives to pick it up. A robber faking as a truck driver can go to those facilities and provide fake paperwork to gain access to the cargo.
  • Digital Theft – Computer hackers may get into a company’s computer system and steal valuable information such as drop-off and pick-up locations. This can also help them do counterfeit pickups because the hackers may use the company’s system to print out the fake documents to show the pickup facility.
  • Driver Participation – This is when the individual driving the truck gives a portion or all of the cargo to a burglary operation. This is usually done for compensation, which is typically money.

What can you do?

First off, it is important to know that truck cargo theft may be common, and anyone is susceptible to it. The individuals involved in the supply chain must implement preventive measures in case such a scenario occurs. This could mean a safety camera installed on the trucks, GPS cargo tracking, or alarms. Trucks are an important means of conveyance for goods and it is important that the goods are safeguarded throughout the voyage. If you have any questions about our trucking services or need a quote call us at 305-821-8995, we provide constant updates on your cargo.

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