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Air Cargo Transportation

amazon air carrier taking off to transport a shipment
air cargo

CMA CGM is known as one of the leading shipping companies which ship to 420 different ports around the world. Recently with the purchase of four A300-200F freighter aircraft, CMA CGM will begin the launch of its air cargo division. This acquisition will add to CMA CGM’s already wide reach by providing transferring of goods by air. In a time where businesses are looking for suitable and more accommodating approaches for moving goods around, this branch will offer an answer to many challenges in freight forwarding.


Since its beginnings, CMA CGM has always been known as a company that moved freight by ocean and land. It soon became world-renowned for its shipping services and is currently the fourth largest shipping company in the world. In 2020 it was announced that CMA CGM bought a 30% stake in DUBREUIL Aero which is an airline company located in France. The reason being was to create a working relationship between the two companies and to give CMA CGM entry into the air freight sector.

When the buying of the four Airbus A330-200F aircraft was revealed, it was simultaneously made public that CMA CGM would create an air cargo division. The addition of its air division and its partnerships with several airlines will lead to the cultivation of a new area of logistics for the company.

Why Air Cargo?

Air Cargo can be considered a convenient method of conveyance for moving freight because of the quickness of time that it takes to transfer the good to the allocated location. Also, when cargo is transported by air there is a wide range of locations that it can be delivered to. With the increasing need for quick and easy logistics solutions by clients, CMA CGM understood that it needed to grow to meet the needs of its customers.

What does this mean?

Importantly, it paves the way the way for potential growth of not only the company but the industry as a whole. In January of 2021, Amazon bought its first aircrafts after leasing them since 2016. Currently, Amazon plans on having a fleet of over 70 by the end of 2021. Although CMA CGM never leased an aircraft, this purchase can be the beginning of a larger expansion and may possibly resemble Amazon’s fleet one day. With the world becoming more interconnected, many other shipping companies may follow along and open the door to a possibility of new alternatives to moving freight around the globe.

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