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The Future of Truckload Transportation

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Freight Forwarding MiamiAs the times change, so too does our technologies advance as well, where once there were wagons pulled by horses, now we have automobiles. Where there was coal powered trains, now many trains run on a combination of diesel and electricity. Everything changes, so the question examined, what is the future of transporting goods? We’ve seen an advance in trains and planes, but what about automobiles? Well, let’s take a look and answer “What is the future of truckload transportation?”

The Factors of the Future

There have been a lot of reasons rising lately as to what the future of shipping holds. Here are a few of the more substantial reasons as to why so much thought and concern brought to this discussion.

Capacity Concerns

Because of many carriers going bankrupt during the recession and others downsizing their fleets, there has been a reduction in capacity. This has not been an issue as of yet, but judging from the potential economic pickup, many shippers are concerned that truckload capacity will significantly tighten.


With the constant shifts in the price of diesel, it is quite hard to judge if the fuel prices will benefit from hinder the transportation companies. As last reported, there appears to be an increase in the cost of diesel fuel as of this month.

domestic truckingSustainability

Many companies are showing renewed interest in sustainability these days, and they are taking action on various fronts to improve the sustainability of supply chains.

What Happens Next?

Due to these issues, many shippers have moved a significant volume to intermodal, rail, and private fleets, and are making changes to packaging and investing in load optimization software to fit more products per case, pallet, and trailer, which results in fewer truckload shipments.

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