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When a cargo has been rolled!

cargo in a shipping container that may sometimes get rolled due to capacity

Have you ever gotten a notification saying that your cargo has been rolled? When a cargo has been rolled, the vessel that it was supposed to be loaded on rejected the freight for various possible reasons. This can disrupt the freight forwarding process by having the shipment arrive at its final destination at a later time than expected. When this happens, the following available carrier takes the cargo but there is a small possibility that the freight may be rolled off that vessel as well.

Recent Cargo Rollovers

Ocean ports around the world have been experiencing rolled freight due to the high volumes of cargo. In December of 2020, certain ocean carriers rolled close to half of the cargo that was scheduled for delivery. With the holiday season with coronavirus making goods being ordered online more convenient, we have an unprecedented number of shipments being made. The issue is that this is also leading to a record amount of rolled freight. Which may not look favorable to the manufacturers, carriers, and receivers of the shipment. However, the amount of rolled cargo is anticipated to drop in the coming months.

Why Do Cargo Rollovers happen?

Numerous aspects can impact your cargo not being loaded on its designated vessel. One of the more common situations is that there is no space because the vessel has already been overfilled with containers. The freight carrier itself also may have a technical problem and might have to be worked on. Another occurrence that can happen is that the pathway of the vessel can change and miss the port completely. This happens due to a vessel being behind its schedule or bad weather by the port.

How to be Prepared?

While there are those circumstances that cannot be controlled, there are ways to be better prepared in the scenario that your cargo gets rolled. Reserving your shipment to an earlier date may help mitigate your shipment from coming in late, even if your freight is rolled. If the situation is because of issues with paperwork, having a customs broker can assist you with the process. We at A1 Worldwide Logistics not only have customs brokers to help with customs clearance, but we also provide freight forwarding solutions for unexpected situations occurring. Give us a call at 305-821-8995.

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