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The Expansion of Amazon Air

an order from amazon air which is part of the leading e-commerce business in the world, amazon
amazon air

Known for being one of the leaders in e-commerce, Amazon may be seen by many as a convenient way of buying goods that are delivered in a timely manner. Recently it has been announced that Amazon has bought 11 Boeing 767-300 aircraft. The plan is for these aircraft to be converted to freight carriers which will not only increase the airfreight capacity but also shorten the time of delivery. This will also help Amazon honor its motto of one-day delivery more smoothly.

Amazon Air

In 2015 Amazon launched Amazon Prime Air but shortened its name to Amazon Air in 2017 to distinguish itself from Amazon’s drone delivery. Since its start in air operations, Amazon would lease planes from different companies but in 2020 it bought its first planes from WestJet. The difference between Amazon Air and their previous method of using air as a conveyance for freight is that there is no dependence on 3rd party logistics for delivering cargo. This meant that Amazon had more direct control over its supply chain.

Why the Sudden Purchase?

In the year 2020, the travel business experienced a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions on flight and people not traveling for safety reasons led to losses of funds for airlines. Various airlines reacted to this by removing several aircraft from their services. At the same time, online shopping increased substantially because of the pandemic. Knowing this, Amazon took advantage of the situation and purchased the aircraft to turn them into freight carriers.

Amazon air currently has a fleet of 66 air crafts but with the purchase of the Boeing 767-300’s plus a previous announcement last June that Amazon plans on leasing 12 aircraft from the Air Transport Services Group (ATSG), the total amount of carriers may exceed 80 by the end of this year. The idea is that by 2027, they want the total fleet to grow to 200. Amazon’s land delivery system is not as large scale compared to UPS or FedEx. Despite this, Amazon Air’s network of planes and hubs may one day develop to resemble the land delivery system of those companies.

What Does the Future Hold?

With Amazon continuously growing, this air carrier purchase is a small component of their plan for expanding operations. Amazon Air currently transports cargo to dozens of airports in the U.S. with its main hub located in Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky International Airport. However, in November of 2020 Amazon Air opened an international hub in Leipzig/Halle Airport in Germany. which is the first of its kind. Amazon plans on opening several different air hubs in the future, widening its reach to deliver fright in a more accelerated time than before. If you have freight that needs to be transported internationally and needs help with the logistics, give us a call at 305-821-8995 or email us at

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