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How do Warehouses Handle Industrial Products?

industrial products on pallets preparing for warehouse storage

Warehousing is storing and handling various products for a specific period. A common item stored in warehouses is industrial products, goods used to produce a finished product. Unlike consumer goods which are finished products that are sold to customers, industrial products are not complete products. Manufacturing, retail, and other service businesses use warehouses to store industrial goods for future usage. These products include raw materials, accessory equipment, operating supplies, etc.

How Are Industrial Products Handled and Stored in a Warehouse?

Shippers must take special precautions to prevent damage when they move industrial goods to storage facilities. This is especially true since specific buyers need the goods to be in excellent condition to create the final product. Before entering the warehouse to be stored, specialized equipment transfers the material out of the containers. Hand trucks, pallet jacks, and walkie-stackers are all used to bring industrial goods out of the trucks and into the facility. Since industrial products tend to come in bulk, machinery such as conveyors, silos, and bucket elevators transfer the materials inside the warehouse for storage.

Since business store raw and unfinished materials, warehouses that house industrial products may have more services than the average warehouse. Additional areas like production locations, perimeter zones, and waste collection zones tend to be present. The production locations may be necessary when a company orders merchandise. This is common with parts that workers assemble into a final product. Industrial goods are frequent in Business to Business (B2B), and trucks may transport them from the warehouse without adjustments.

Plenty of Solutions

The amount of goods classified as industrial includes a vast range of items from petroleum and cement to car engines. They all have a commonality of being used to make and sell other goods. Due to the importance of industrial products in many businesses, warehouses are ideal for storing extra inventory. If you need to warehouse industrial products for short-term or long-term, contact A1 Worldwide Logistics at 305-425-9513. We also provide value-adding services like picking, packing, trans-loading, cross-docking, and much more.

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