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Shipping During The Hurricane Season

While uncontrollable situations can happen when shipping during the hurricane season, there are ways a shipper can prepare.


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NVOCC vs. Freight Forwarders

While NVOCCs and freight forwarders both have their benefits, the answer depends on the shipment being made by the shipper. The most significant distinction is that NVOCCs are only for maritime shipping, while forwarders move cargo differently. If a business moves goods by the ocean, NVOCCs can provide personalized services and help shippers avoid the intermediary fee. This is because they are independent carriers instead of agents. Forwarders benefit from allowing different ways to transport goods. Businesses with international supply chains can take advantage of having their entire freight journey handled. Forwarders also have extra services not provided by NVOCCs, such as warehousing and customs clearance.


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Suez Canal Congestion

How does the Suez Canal Congestion affect the ships carrying freight and supply chains? During a journey through the canal, the Ever-Given container ship was moving through a sandstorm. The


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The Significance of Cargo Insurance

What Is Cargo Insurance? During the international shipment of your goods, there can be a possibility that damage, loss, theft, or even contamination may occur. When this happens, your business