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The Value of Customer Relationships in Freight Forwarding

In international trade, freight forwarders are the intermediaries that handle the logistics of getting your goods to the final destination. Forwarders coordinate with carriers and warehouses to find the best routes for cargo transportation. When choosing a forwarder, the customer should be mindful of how much effort the forwarder is willing to put into having a solid and long-lasting relationship. When examining how much the forwarding agent values their bonds with customers, there are specific indicators to look for. Some of the qualities are the following:

Having Open Communication

One of the most significant parts of a relationship is the ability to communicate when needed. Regardless of the conveyance method of the shipment, the customer should be updated on the location when needed. Diligent freight forwarders have close contact with their customers and constantly provide updates on shipments. A1 Worldwide logistics ensures our clients have instant contact with us during shipping. We achieve this by having open lines of communication such as phone calls, emails, and our website.

Being Dependable

Customers must rely on their forwarder to keep any promises they guarantee. Dependability is a direct reflection of how a business runs and how it cares about its customers. It’s different for a company to say they provide the highest quality customer service and deliver on that promise. This is especially true in international shipping, where supply chain logistics constantly change.

Having Experience

Experience can indicate that a forwarder values customer relationships. This is because of the longevity involved in gaining experience. Forwarders with many clients have expertise from countless years of working with customers. A side effect is that the freight forwarder also learns the importance of customer relationships from working with many clients.

Dealing with Uncertainty

In forwarding, getting your goods to their endpoint may sometimes go differently than planned. Sometimes unpredictable events occur in the supply chain that interrupts the journey. For example, there could be an issue with manufacturing or warehouse placement. Shipping delays can also happen during the trip. A forwarder must be prepared for any circumstance and be able to explain the situation to the customer.

Taking the Extra Step

This means that the forwarder goes above and beyond to calibrate and communicate with the client during the cargo’s journey. It shows how the freight forwarder values the customer and their commitment to keeping the relationship. The extra step can also mean coordinating with the carrier for the client. This can entail that certain adjustments must be made to make the shipping process as effective as possible.

Keeping the Relationship

A forwarder’s key to keeping its clients is consistency and competence. The client must trust that they can depend on their freight forwarder to transport an item internationally. This trust comes from previous experiences where the forwarder demonstrated proficiency at their job. If you want a committed forwarder to building a long-lasting relationship, contact A1 Worldwide Logistics at 305-425-9752. A1WWL aims to provide the best customer service by being accountable and transparent in everything we do. We also assist with customs brokerage to ensure your shipment complies with government regulations when entering a country.


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