What is Warehouse Distribution?

A common topic brought up when discussing supply chain warehousing is distribution. Distribution is transporting stored products or goods to a location for order fulfillment. While specific distribution centers exist, standard warehouses may also provide this solution. The reason why distribution services are so vital to supply chains is the value they add. Some of the solutions include:

One of the main differences between regular warehouses and facilities that provide distribution is the time inventory is stored. Standard warehouses are designed to house goods for more extended time frames. Since the key purpose of distribution centers is order fulfillment, cargo tends to stay for shorter periods. A warehouse that provides distribution services can include short-term and long-term storage times and order fulfillment.

How do Businesses Benefit from Distribution?

Medium-sized businesses that sell products to customers are one of the primary users of warehouse distribution services. This is due to the work and costs of having your own distributing facilities. Outsourcing the services to a 3PL warehouse can help the business save money and focus on other parts of the company. Distribution warehousing can also be ideal for businesses that want to maintain strong customer relationships. One of the main ways to maintain a solid customer relationship is by having efficient and consistent distribution.

Another type of business that benefits significantly from distribution warehousing is e-commerce. As buying goods products online grew, especially in the last few years, so did the need for order fulfillment services. Companies that relied on e-commerce quickly saw how distribution warehouses could fulfill customer orders. Online purchases are instantly sent to the warehouse, where the order is processed and picked from stock. Then the goods are packaged and prepared to be transported out of the facility. The freight may then be moved to a department store or directly to the customer.

Many warehouses that provide distribution services are also customs bonded. This is a secured building where imported goods could be held for five years without paying taxes. Importers can benefit from storing their goods while they make the capital to pay for the cargo. Businesses can also store freight while they look for customers for their freight.

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