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What happens to Port Miami during a Hurricane!


What do Ships do to Avoid a Hurricane?

Preparing for a HurricaneWhen a hurricane hits, many boats will need to make decisions on where to be when that happens. To keep it short, there are two things you can do: Sail away and Tie it Up.

Tying it Up – It’s pretty cut and dry, all that needs to be done is you find a floating dock with high pillings. This lets you tie your boat up so that it can accommodate the higher waves while still keeping it attached to the mainland.

How does Port Miami Prepare for a Hurricane?

Port Miami has to prepare in several ways for a hurricane. A port must manage the incoming and outgoing boats as well as ensure the port is properly managed and secured.

Boats Must Re-Route – Every boat must re-route their arrival to a nearby and safer port. For example, many of the carnival cruise lines that were going to Miami for Hurricane Irma instead went to New Orleans to avoid the storm.

Floating DocksSecuring the Dock – Next and most important is securing the dock. Most of the docks at Port Miami are floating docks which need to have additional security on land. Additionally, office buildings need hurricane force windows as well as shutters to ensure no intrusions occur in the buildings.

Alerting – Finally, there is typically an issued public statement. During Hurricane Irma, the website produced this webpage for people to know that the terminal is closed until Irma completely passes.


Port of Miami is one of our closest business connections. We are highly invested in keeping our readers and partners up to date with what’s going on during the storms.

We work to stay up to date on as much information as much as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

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