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Tesla: Partners with AMD/High Trucking Turnover

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Tesla has partnered with AMD to Expand A.I.

high turnover rate in truckingTesla has recently partnered with the chipset maker AMD to expand the A.I. initiative for their cars. These will be implemented into every one of their new automobile lines to help make the software better faster.

This is a big bonus for both companies since Tesla now has an industry leader helping the division and AMD has a stable market with which they are directly aiding since they are having troubles against Nvidia and Intel in the video card and processor markets currently.

Will this create a spike in the growth and research for the development of autonomous vehicles and onboard A.I.? Only time will tell.

Increased Freight Demands to cause Driver Turnover Rate

National freight is on the rise across the board. More places are requiring more things to become delivered faster and more frequently. This strain is causing to be too much for some of the freight drivers on hand.

tesla partners with AMDThe turnover rate has risen to 90% in some areas because the long hauls and the strain will often not be worth the pay. This is a fateful sign for human drivers in the future. This has caused a deficit of anywhere between 200,000 and 300,000 vehicles.

Couple this information with the surge in a push for better A.I. with AMD and the imminent test drive of the new Tesla trucks, how will this affect the future of people driving trucks by themselves?


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