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Automated Shipping and the future of Imports/Exports

the future of import automation by a1wwl customs broker miami

The Upside of Automated Shipping

automated shippingA.I. is beneficial to the trade of international shipping. The primary competitor for A.I. is people, and they are more error prone. Where a human might make a shipping mistake or order the wrong amount, a machine can make that mistake once and learn never to do that ever again. This leads to a tremendous upside for automated shipping services.

The upside of shipping automation means that you will have more accurate orders in a shorter period. This is because you are removing the element of human error and placing bots with very minimal margins of error.

The Downside of Automated Shipping

With this in mind, many people are going to be losing their job because of being replaced with bots. Of these people who are losing their job, a small percentage can be brought on as consultants or engineers to help the bot become even more successful.

Many jobs such in warehouses and manifest managers might be out of work, but the consensus is that freight forwarders won’t lose the work.

How are Freight Forwarders affected?

Freight ForwarderContrary to other jobs which are immediately prone to automation due to the repetitive nature of their situation, freight forwarders have unique traits that A.I can’t replicate yet. Freight Forwarders revolve around networking and maintaining trade relationships and A.I. haven’t convincingly replicated that.

While A.I. can target and replace certain industry type jobs, they are not (yet) able to replace the human connection that revolves around most trade in our current free market.


A1WWL has been in the business of freight forwarding for many years, and when we read about how the Panama canal has grown, we get excited for the future of our profession. If you would like to learn more about the canal or freight forwarding, please give us a call today!

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