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Does Direct Shipping Benefit the Customer?

smaller ships docking a containership at a port

When a person usually thinks of direct shipping, they usually picture a fast and convenient method of getting goods to their required destinations. It is seen as a favorable option to order something online and having it mailed directly to your house in a few days. Also, with the Covid-19 pandemic still bring present it also appears to be the safer option than going to the store to purchase your product. With that said, there may be several disadvantages when dealing with direct-to-customer shipping.


The supply chain process of getting goods to their required locations may not always go as perfectly as planned and different factors may impact the logistical journey. If the delivery of the product is not up to par or takes too long, the company delivering the product can be seen negatively in the eyes of the customer. Customs brokers help simplify the process by being the middleman between the company and the customer. They also help make sure that the shippers follow the FDA regulations.

Customs Clearance

The costs that are accrued during the freight forwarding process can affect both seller and the person buying the product. If the seller is a small-sized company and not that big, the shipping costs can be higher than shipping from a company like Amazon. The customs clearance charges may also have an impact on the costs. If you have any questions about customs clearance or need help with the logistics of getting your product to the required destination feel free to contact us at 305-821-8995. We are here for your freight forwarding needs.


The common perception is that direct shipping is quick and convenient, but the opposite can happen as well. When a product is forwarded to its respective locations directly, damages to the cargo can sometimes occur. Cargo insurance is a common method to protect against these kinds of damages. There may be a cost incurred but it is small compared to the cost of cargo loss due to damages.

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