Packing and Crating Cargo

Before going into the truck, the freight may be wrapped, packaged, and put on a pallet. A common type of packaging used for packing is crating.

A crate is a four-sided shipping box made from various materials, including metal, plastic, and, most commonly, wood. Cargo that is fragile, easily breakable, or heavy use crates as packaging material to prevent damages.


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How do Warehouses Handle Industrial Products?

Manufacturing, retail, and other service businesses use warehouses to store industrial goods for future usage. These products include raw materials, accessory equipment, operating supplies, etc.


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What Are Cross-docking and Trans-loading Services?

Two solutions that have grown into essential pieces of the supply chain puzzle are cross-docking and trans-loading. Both of these services help streamline supply chains and reduce costs; however, they differ in how they accomplish this. Here you will learn which one is best for your shipping goals.