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pallets of dry goods being stored in a warehouse

One of the main components of a shipper’s supply chain is warehousing. When goods have to be imported or exported, warehousing is the step that usually comes before or after. The importance is traced back from the 17th-century trade routes of European settlers to the ancient roman empire. Fast forward to today, and countless people still use warehousing due to its benefits. Businesses from an extensive amount of different industries as well as individual shippers use warehouses for their commodities. The reason is that it adds value to their supply chain.

The primary usage of a warehouse is for the storage and distribution of a good. Without warehousing, shippers may not have the room to house cargo for an extended period and dispense it to customers. Likewise, warehousing is also ideal for storing goods for later usage or until the demand for that product is high. Using a warehousing facility may also cut transportation and supply chain costs. A1 Worldwide Logistics provides numerous cost-effective warehousing services to streamline your supply chain.

A few examples of the solutions that we offer include:

  • Public warehousing services catered to your specific cargo needs.
  • Storage of merchandise such as industrial products, dry goods, oversized cargo, and more.
  • Loading and unloading containers for storage.
  • Distributing the freight to its final destination.
  • Sorting and segregating items in pallets by color, flavor, size, and other traits.
  • Cross-docking and trans-loading shipments from one location to another using various modes of transportation.
  • Picking, packing, and crating cargo.
  • Cargo manipulation.

The process begins by calling A1 Worldwide Logistics at 832-501-9885. We will give you a quote for warehouse storage. Next, we will coordinate the pick-up and transportation of your goods to our warehouse facility. Once the goods arrive, they will be unloaded and stored securely for the allocated period. While being held, the cargo may undergo any of the above services at your request. Once you are ready, we will also arrange the movement of your goods to the next or final destination.


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