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NVOCC vs. Freight Forwarders

While NVOCCs and freight forwarders both have their benefits, the answer depends on the shipment being made by the shipper. The most significant distinction is that NVOCCs are only for maritime shipping, while forwarders move cargo differently. If a business moves goods by the ocean, NVOCCs can provide personalized services and help shippers avoid the intermediary fee. This is because they are independent carriers instead of agents. Forwarders benefit from allowing different ways to transport goods. Businesses with international supply chains can take advantage of having their entire freight journey handled. Forwarders also have extra services not provided by NVOCCs, such as warehousing and customs clearance.



What is Warehouse Distribution?

A type of business that benefits significantly from distribution warehousing is e-commerce. As buying goods products online grew, especially in the last few years, so did the need for order fulfillment services. Companies that relied on e-commerce quickly saw how distribution warehouses could fulfill customer orders. Online purchases are instantly sent to the warehouse, where the order is processed and picked from stock. Then the goods are packaged and prepared to be transported out of the facility. The freight may then be moved to a department store or directly to the customer.


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How to Begin Importing from China

China is the U.S.’s biggest trading partner and the largest exporter of goods internationally. Because of China’s ability to manufacture products on a large scale, importing from the country can present many opportunities. Not only is growth possible for a business, but reduced costs, large quantities of imports, and other benefits are also possible. While importing may seem attractive to first-time shippers, understanding what’s necessary is essential for the shipment’s success. This article will explain how to prepare the required documents and what to expect during your cargo’s shipping journey.


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What Are Cross-docking and Trans-loading Services?

Two solutions that have grown into essential pieces of the supply chain puzzle are cross-docking and trans-loading. Both of these services help streamline supply chains and reduce costs; however, they differ in how they accomplish this. Here you will learn which one is best for your shipping goals.


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How to Import Vehicles into the U.S.

When importing automobiles into the U.S., there are various steps and regulations that one can expect. Knowing what to anticipate can save you time, money, and energy. This article will


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Covid Shipping Surge and the Panama Canal

The increased capability of Panama Canal has proved to be a key component in the context of the shipping surge generated by the pandemic.