Warehousing Oversized Cargo

Oversized cargo is a shipment that exceeds the weight or size allowed for conventional transportation. An example of oversized cargo could be large equipment like construction beams and machinery like tractors. Because of the dimensions, specific regulations and guidelines are required to call a cargo oversized. The policies for this type of cargo vary per state; however, shippers follow general guidelines. Some of the general guidelines for qualifying a shipment as oversized are:

  • A weight of over 80,000lbs.
  • A height of around 13.6ft.
  • A width greater than 8.6ft.
  • Goods that are longer than 53 feet.

How to Warehouse Oversized Cargo?

Due to the cargo size, workers should take special precautions when storing it in a warehouse. Before entering the facility, specialized equipment like lift loaders assists in bringing the oversized freight off the truck. Specific warehouses even have conveyor systems to move large cargo quickly and easily. A particular location where a warehouse stores large equipment is on the floor under a pallet rack. It tends not to be raised on the shelf due to challenges such as unbalancing the forklift. A common alternative is a cantilever rack if a bulky item is placed on a shelf.

Facilities that store cargo like large machinery may have reinforced floors due to the weight. Also, most warehouses with frequent requests for bulky cargo have an empty section for storage. If you have plans to warehouse heavy or oversized freight, contact A1 Worldwide Logistics at 832-501-9885. We understand the specialized treatment required for large goods and provide short and long-term storage for cargo from numerous industries.

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