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Amazon Freight Delivery Stations

Amazon’s ecommerce which is expanding its delivery stations
Amazon’s Expanding Freight Delivery Stations

With e-commerce becoming more common over the years there has been a stronger need for logistics than in the past. Especially with the coronavirus forcing many to purchase their goods online. In Amazon’s case, this led to an expansion of Amazon’s freight delivery stations. When customers purchase goods online, they tend to expect the goods to reach them in a timely manner. Amazon took note of this and created freight delivery stations all across the United States to meet customer needs. In 2021, the number of delivery stations is predicted to be over 500 by the end of the year.

What is a Delivery Station

To understand what a delivery station is, it is important to understand insourcing. Insourcing means using a company’s own resources to complete a job that was previously done by an outside source or a third party. In Amazon’s case, the delivery station acts similarly to the U.S. Postal Service. Once the freight reaches the postal service, they get prepared for final mile delivery. Instead of outsourcing for final mile delivery services, delivery stations give that task to Amazon.

The delivery station is just one of the many different ways that Amazon is expanding its logistics operations. With the growing demand from the customers, the delivery stations are improving Amazon’s supply chain. This is by widening their reach and having the customers get their freight in a swifter manner. Amazon’s Wagon Wheel program is also allowing for the development of delivery stations in rural, secluded areas. The plan is for amazon to one day have total coverage of the U.S.

Advancements in Logistics

Delivery stations are just one of many examples of how companies like Amazon are developing ways to meet the logistical needs of the customers. Before the goods even reach the delivery stations, they may have to go through the sorting centers or fulfillment centers. Fulfillment centers are where the items from orders are picked and moved to sort centers. Sorting centers are where these items are put together and then are moved to delivery stations. With more of these types of warehouses being built across the U.S., Amazon is demonstrating how the logistics process is growing and developing.

Other companies like FedEx and Home Depot have followed the trend as well. FedEx is currently creating warehouses solely for storing and moving large freight. Home Depot has also created centers such as last-mile centers similar to Amazon to deliver to the customers. With all of the recent growth, there can be no telling what lies in the future for the world of logistics.

A1 Worldwide Logistics

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