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Panama Canal Expansion

containership transferring cargo through an expanded panama canal

Are you worried about your goods going through the Panama Canal? We specialize in Commercial Customs Brokerage in the Miami area. The Panama Canal expansion was based on 6 years of research. This included studies on the market demand, the economic feasibility, the environmental impact it will have on the location along with other technical engineering elements. The cost: $5.2 billion (US dollars) which began in September of 2007. Panama Canal is open for world wide business.  

Panama; Services for the US Commercial Market

The United States Commercial services has helped thousands of companies in the U.S. with over $6 billion to Panama.

The best opportunities are in the US for those who plan on utilizing the various Ports across the States. Our network of professionals located at various points throughout the US can offer lucrative business opportunities when dealing with the importing of goods, as well as exporting of goods.

There are various finance and insurance strategies which we can customize to your benefit. This will help ease the process for you or your company’s goods being shipped via Panama Canal. In addition, we will help you to develop trade finance and insurance strategies which can help your specific business needs, this also can help you successfully get your export or import transactions completed.

Panama Canal Expansion: The Facts

With the Panama Canal Expansion there are many policies and rules that will delegate who and what will be going through and from the Ports. Customs Broker company in Miami, A 1 World Wide knows the Panama Canal Expansion laws when it comes to exporting to the USA and from the USA.

The Panama Canal Expansion which is the largest project the Canal which has taken place since its original construction. Customs Broker in Miami know how to handle inbound and outbound freight documentation especially coming in or going from the Panama Canal.  Since the canal will allow more room for passing vessels, it will have a direct impact on the economies. This includes the international maritime trade that will become effected because of the expansion.

First, the Canal will have a new lane of traffic which will go through the Canal. With the construction doubling the waterway, the existing “locks” will allow vessels to pass through carrying up to 5,000 TEUs.  The Post-Panamax vessels will transit through the Canal; cargo can exceed between 13,000/14,000 TEUs.

There are several elements that are important for anyone considering importing or exporting via the Panama Canal. It consists of two new set of locks, the deepening and the widening of the  the first on the Pacific side is called Cocoli Locks and the second set of locks are on the Atlantic side which is named Agua Clara Locks. Vessels must comply to obtain passage, but those who do comply will benefit from the Expansion. (See for a better understanding of the procedure of the new Panama Canal Expansion.) Here are main phases of the Expansion construction:

  • New Locks (Third Set of Locks)
    • Pacific Access Channel
    • Improvement of Navigational Channels (Dredging)
    • Improvements to Water Supply

Customs Broker Services in Miami are well adjusted to the fast paced Port of Miami. There are certain documents that are needed to get through a safe passage with your cargo or goods via the Panama Canal.

The Panama Canal: The Process

The vessel will be inspected by certain inspectors; the boarding pilot, the industrial hygienist, the transit vessel inspector, and the sanitary inspector in order to guarantee a safe transit for the vessel including all documentation that is needed to properly document according to the shipping/receiving protocol.

Miami Customs Broker can assist with your goods being received at the Port of Miami as well as exports going out from the Port of Miami.

Some of the documentation that will be needed by the Master of the Vessels entering or exiting the Panama Canal are the following:  ITC -69 International Tonnage Certificate, PC/UMS Documentation of Total Volume, Load Line Certificate, Fitness Certificate and Notice to Shipping for instance.

Customs Broker Services in Miami: Panama Canal and the Imports for the US

A 1 World Wide will take care of this documentation so as to have a smooth shipping and delivery of your goods. Customs Broker in Miami, Fl will have a direct impact on how the security of your goods will be imported or exported. The knowledge of protocol regarding your goods passing through the Panama Canal can be determined by those who oversee your imported or exported goods.


Ask about our services that can be set up on an inbound or outbound via the Panama Canal. Visit our website to contact us, our customer representatives are waiting, Need a Customs Broker? 1.305.821.8995.

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